Saturday, June 02, 2012

Obama Again Takes Nation to War without Congress, This Time its Iran

The United States of America has attacked a foreign country, without approval from Congress.   I am not talking about Libya, I am talking about what is going on right now in Iran.   Recent reports indicate that Resident Barack Obama gave orders to unleash the powerful STUXNET computer virus unto Iranian nuclear processing equipment.   The virus does not merely erase data on hard drives, it causes sophisticated equipment dealing with dangerous nuclear materials to destroy itself.

The major media has reported this story, but almost in passing, as if its not that big a deal.   It's a huge deal, and when Iran retaliates it is going to be a huger deal.    No doubt the brain dead war mongers among us will wail about how they attack us because they hate us for our freedom.   

No dummies, Iran has not started a war with another country for hundreds of years.   They are going to be attacking us because we are attacking them.   We started a war with them.  And as with Libya, Congress was completely ignored, along with the Constitution.    Obama alone made this decision to unleash not only a war, but a new form of warfare in which there are likely to be no winners.

Why did we do this?   Because our present foreign policy, Republican or Democrat, is based on the idea that we should be occupying the middle east as part of a grandiose mission to rebuild those societies into a form more to our liking.    In order to make sure they don't have the ability to resist this intrusion, we don't want any of our target countries to acquire nuclear weapons.    We basically want to keep the entire mid-east at a pre-1945 level of technology pretty much indefinitely.    Seriously, that's the plan.  

You might say to me "Mark, that can't be the plan.   That's completely unsustainable.   They would not be that short sighted."   Please friends, almost everything the Federal Government is doing right now is unsustainable.   This is just another example of their hubris taking us right into the iceberg of reality.   

As long as the Military-Industrial Complex is happy, well, not everybody is happy but a lot of big contributors sure are.    There is no realistic long term goal that I can see.   It's all about finding and justifying policies that keep the Military-Security Complex well funded for this election cycle.   Simply providing for the nations legitimate defense needs apparently will not keep them living the life style to which they grew accustomed during the cold war.

We are so concerned about them getting nukes, that we are starting a new form of warfare that could easily be even more dangerous.    Even if they built a few nukes, they have no delivery system for it.   What are they going to do, put it on a ship to NY?    We would interdict it before it ever left the gulf.  

On the other hand, a STUXNET type virus inserted into our nuclear power plants or research facilities could cause a dozen Fukishimas or Chernobyls at once here in America.     They could take down our electrical grid or our airport traffic control systems.     We are far more dependent on computer controlled networks than they are.     We have the largest glass house on the planet and we  (excuse me, Obama on his own but Congress lacks the stones and the integrity to do their job and impeach him for it) have just decided to start a rock-throwing war with a guy who has maybe three small windows.



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