Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lt. Governor Candidates at Washington County Forum

UPDATE: The Democrat Gazette's Mike Masterson has a good read on the positions of the legislative records of the candidates for Lt. Governor based on a report from Bob Hester.

The Washington County Republican Women held a forum in Fayetteville today for the three GOP Lt. Governor Candidates. Below are some windows quicktime files of the candidates.

If you don't have high speed these are going to take too long. Even with it, it can take 3 minutes or so. Video uses a lot of bandwidth.

Banks calls for Pre-K and programs to "break the cycle of poverty", Holt talks about converting Democrats, building a network for action, and calls for honesty and transparency in government.

How would they do Lt. Governor different from Win? Banks would be "more of a pest" and push three main issues, including pre-K again. Holt would try to continue Win's tradition, including full time service, and talks more about transparency in government.

Holt and Chuck Banks kid around a bit, then Holt gets serious when talking about property rights and other issues where the courts have had a negative impact. Solutions? He thinks legislatures will have to start impeaching bad judges.

Each of the three candidates anwsers the question "Do you think Arkansas taxpayers are getting a good bang for their buck on the taxes they pay?" Good one!

I wish I had gotten the closing statements. There was no clear winner for much of the debate, mostly because of the nature of the questions, but Holt's closing statement was the best.


Anonymous Run Jim Run said...

I am a Jim Holt supporter mainly because of his feelings on abortion and illegal immigration.

It was good to see him discuss the issues at the forum however I think Chuck Banks is a better speaker. Is this going to help him? Possibly but it isn't going to change my mind.

Holt's closing statement was great, but I just feel that Bank's was better but by that time, the "winner" was already known!

9:07 AM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Chuck Banks is a good speaker. You would expect someone who has been a trial lawyer for 34 years to be a good speaker. His problem is not how he says stuff, but rather what he is saying. Pre-K and Bullet trains?

I believe Chuck is sincere in his admiration for Reagan, but that is not a Reagan agenda. It is not a Reagan message. Jim Holt is the one that talks about Freedom and Less Government.

It is all right there on video for anyone to listen to. I would encourage anyone take the time and listen for themselves.

I admit it takes a several minutes to download each clip, and if you don't have broadband forget it- I also apoligize where my breating sounds like Darth Vader! I was tensing my whole body in an effort to hold the camera still becasue the fist clip was a bit shakey).

9:21 AM, February 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say I thought Holt sounded like he was just reverting to "lines". Banks spoke well as always but lacked enthusiasm. I thought it funny that no where yet in the post or the comments has Matayo been mentioned. He was clearly the most dynamic speaker.

12:30 PM, February 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mayato can't speak for himself. The Govenor has taught him well. It's all about me me me me me.

4:20 PM, February 23, 2006  
Anonymous gsm0519 said...

You know Holt is doing very well at campaigning. It is a shame he did not show this much enthusiasm when we was running for U.S. Senate.

4:34 PM, February 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious and very transparent! Don't talk about the "elephant in the room" and maybe, just maybe, he'll go away. The problem is, that kind of thinking never works. Didn't your mom teach you that when you were a kid? Holt and Banks, the only real candidates--what a laugh!

8:43 PM, February 23, 2006  
Anonymous DougMaTACKO said...

Matayo is weak. Did you see the last video clip? Banks looks like a Lt. Gov. on the end of his career. Holt looks like a Lt. GOv. on the early-mid point of his career. Matayo looks like he is late for class. He outta be on a campus cruising for chicks.

Just look at the clip. Really.

9:06 PM, February 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doug Matayo is probably a nice guy, but he really has no chance in this primary and will finish a distant third. Jim Holt will lead by a large margin and will win, perhaps without a run-off.

I have been dismayed at the attacks on Jim Holt being circulated by the Matayo supporters. I don't think Mr. Matayo is personally responsible for these attacks, but some of his supporters are quite vicious. The only thing they are doing is weakening the party for November. And some of them, including at least one House member, had better think twice about that before it comes back to bite them in their own reelection campaign.

Hutchinson and Holt!

3:30 PM, February 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:34 PM, February 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it is hard for Holt supporters to admit, but Holt is not someone who represents Arkansans. He is devisive and extreme, I would honestly think about voting D, rather than vote for some religous nut like him. I say religous and not Christian. I am a strong Christian, and find nothing more important. Holt does not seem to portray christian love, but rather an attitude of isolationism and derision.

10:10 PM, February 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:10 I have to say I agree with you!

I am an ordained minister. I am a right wing Republican. I simply can not support Jim Holt.

9:01 AM, February 26, 2006  
Anonymous Goodbye Jimboy said...

I heard Jim Holt said this would be his last race if he lost?

He might win the primary but he will definately lose the election.

Goodbye Jim Holt!

Ranking members of the RPA have said if Holt wins, they aren't giving tons of money. It is a waste and the RPA isn't raising his family!

9:02 AM, February 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To goodbye jimboy,

The RPA is NOT RAISING Bobye and Jim's family. They are. They are wonderful parents with 8 wonderful children. So take your compaints somewhere else. Until you have walked a mile in their shoes you can't make statements like that, because you have no idea what you are talking about. Try and tell your stories to someone that cares. It's none of your business nor mine how the Holt children are raised. All I know that they are the best behaved children I have ever met. A wonderful family and very devoted family. I'm so glad that they don't get on here and read some of the lies you guys are pushing and trying to ruin their lives.

10:44 AM, February 26, 2006  
Blogger jppaulgraham said...

People, live families out of it.

3:19 PM, February 26, 2006  
Anonymous Mark M said...

Thank you for that civility Paul. I am reminded that I owe you an explanation on that other site.
People, do not worry about anonymous bloggers who claim to speak for the RPA. Do not fret over those who make hysterical claims of doom should Jim win the nomination, nor "right wing conservatives" who "simply cannot vote for Jim".

They may all be the same person, they may be working for another campaign.

The people that say they won't vote for him if he wins their parties' nomination may be the same one who accuse him of being a "traitor" for taking help from people outside the GOP. Funny how that street seems to run only one way.

There is simply no way Jim won't be well-funded. The anonymous poster does not speak for the RPA, and that is not where a lot of the money is anyway. EACH COUNTY COMMITTEE has raised a boatload of money to donate to candidates. A lot of these counties love Jim and are kicking themselves for not helping him more last time.

3:35 PM, February 26, 2006  
Anonymous Mark M said...

People who think Holt is "too extreme" have a hard time naming the issues he is "too extreme" on. Was it his opposition to homosexuals redefining marriage? 76% of the people were with Holt on that one. How about opposing taxpayer funded scholarships for persons who are in this county illegally? We don't even need a poll to say at least 2/3rds of the voters are against that. What about the Highway Bond issue that everyone but Holt and DeLay were pushing so hard? It went down to defeat - 62% voted with Holt on that one.

Maybe you think he is "extreme" because he would like to stop people from ripping up little babies in the womb? Most Arkansans think it is more extreme to be in favor of letting people rip babies up than it is to OPPOSE letting people rip babies up.

Maybe you think his ideas on lobby reform and transparency in government are extreme?

C'mon. How can he be an "extremist" when he is in agreement with a majority of the people on most every issue? Is EVERYONE but you and your buddies extreme?

3:45 PM, February 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Mark,
Keep it up. Good going. Stay in there and don't let the idiots get you down.

4:11 PM, February 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holt does agree with some conservatives on generic issues, the point of extremism comes in in his implementation of those views.

Holt is unable to appeal to other's views on issues because he narrow-minded. That is not to say that someone should not be standing for principles. The point is, that Holt believes so strongly in his own causes that he is short-sighted regarding other issues and other views.

Holt seems unable to appeal to other people's values, instead he spouts dogma. It is not for Holt to pronounce right and wrong (he is surely given the right to pursue his conceptions of them). But to make progress takes a finer touch than what he has exhibited in the past.
I want conservative issues pressed as best as possible, and that is only possible with the cooperation of liberals.
Can anyone explain how Holt plans on cooperative efforts with the dems?

By the way, I would not doubt at all that funders would be reluctant to fund Holt. I would rather spend my money elsewhere as well.

9:25 PM, February 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a moot point given the obvious bias of this site, but shouldn't this blog officially announce its intentions of supporting Holt?

I imagine most people who get on this site are aware of the favoritism espoused in the name of "watching over Arkansas", but there are probably some people who this site catches unaware.

Isn't this a little like getting quitting smoking tips from the Phillip/Morris site?

9:31 PM, February 26, 2006  
Anonymous Mark M said...

You have a valid point. I should mention that I am with the Holt campaign.

This site was going before he decided to run for Lt. Gov., it was not formed for that purpose, and there are other people who have posting priviliges on the site as well- I know most support Holt, and I THINK they all do, but they don't work for the campaign.

Also, their is another race we are thinking of reporting on in depth, just on the basis of clean government, I can;t say more about that now.

9:28 AM, February 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this sight a Big Brother sight? Who annointed you to watch over Arkansas? Is Jim using his NSA days to spy on Arkansans? How can we trust him?

9:32 AM, February 27, 2006  
Anonymous Mark M said...

Yeah, that is right. We have programmed this site to hypnotize you through your monitor. When we broadcast the code phrase, Jim Holt will control whatever brain you might possess. Then he can proceed with his evil plan to blot out the sun and toxcify the oceans.

Sheesh. Some of you people are certifiable.

10:59 AM, February 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that Holt won't cave is precisely why I support him.

If you want some squishy, unreliable, and unpredictable politician to represent you, then I must admit that Holt is not your choice.

1:49 PM, February 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment. I couldn't agree more. The only reason that he is getting so much bad press is because he doesn't back down. He's his own man. Not the Govenor's nor the lobbiest. I hope I spelled that correct, if not I'm sorry.

2:30 PM, February 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Being your own man" is great when you are also "a man all by himself".

The deals is this: I can choose between someone who will share the majority of my values and alienate people; or I can choose someone who has experience working with opposition and has exemplified themselves as a leader, and would therefore share my beliefs AND have them represented in new legislation.

John Wayne was a cowboy not a law-maker.

10:47 PM, February 27, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Yes, jim Holt really alienates the dealmakers who like getting in the people's pockets. He does not go along to get along with their plans.

John Wayne also played Davy Crockett, who WAS a lawmaker and authored the famous story "not yours to give".

Holt reminds me of Crockett in this story, and we need more like him.

7:08 AM, February 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Holt reminds me of a crock in his story too :)sorry couldn't resist

You seem be making the point that you either have to have principles and not cooperate with others, or you are a weak-minded come-along. That is a vast over simplification. There is no reason not to stand for your principles and be able to convince others to support your issues as well.

You are right about a man of principle often having to go against the flow, but a man of principle and a leader of men will go against the flow and then be able to change the flow.

Holt's divisivness would further harden the minds of the oppostition rather than change their minds.

7:21 AM, February 28, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

And why is it that Holt is being divisive and not those who oppose him?

Why is Holt being divisive for standing up for things that VAST MAJORITIES of people in both parties and independents want?

How come the people who want to re-define marriage (5,000 years of tradition) to accomodate deviants are not the ones that are "divisive"?

How come the ones that want to tax some poor girl who works in a fish house to pay for college scholarships for persons who are in this country illegally are not the ones being divisive?

Why aren't the ones who want to put us indefinietly in debt for routine highway maintenance so that the bond daddies can get well the ones being divisive?

In each of these areas, and many others, Senator Jim Holt stands up against the PC bandwagon that tries to run rough-shod over the will of the people. The people trying to change our culture are the ones being divisive, not the ones trying to preserve it.

For that matter, maybe it is OK to divide between those who want open government and those who have an elitist insider PC mentality. Even Jesus Himself said He did not come to bring peace the Earth, but rather division. Division between what is right and what is wrong can be a good thing, even if most other division is not.

8:45 AM, February 28, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

And Jim Holt has changed a lot of minds. When I read that John Brummett wrote that "Jim Holt is not a bad man and he is not a dumb man" I almost fell out!

I knew it. J Brummett knew it, and I knew that J. Brummett knew it, but I was stunned when he actually wrote it down.

8:47 AM, February 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really? Jesus is being brought up, after people already said that Holt supporters are deifying him?

Holt changed Brummet's mind, huh? So to sum up: Two of the reasons to vote for Holt is that he lost an election a couple years ago, and a liberal columnist made a passing non-negative remark about him.

How about some political substance?

9:30 PM, February 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Below are the numbers and years by the bills that Senator Holt voted against and all the other Lt. Gov candidates (Dem & Rep) voted for. This is so readers can confirm these votes that someone said in a post above weren't true. All these bills increased government employees and taxes. These are posted in detail separately above. See post at 9:58 above for detailed instructions on how to find these votes on the official Arkansas website

HB1525, 85th General Assembly, 2005 ) HB1525 It would have given scholarships and in-state tuition to illegal aliens. We conservatively estimate this bill would have cost taxpayers at least $3,000,000 over the next three-five years

Act 90, HB1009, 2nd Etraordinary Session of 2003) which took over all the school buildings in Arkansas and created a financial and bureaucratic nightmare (Fewer than 10 states in the nation have Facility Departments.) Figure of $2.3 billion was cost of bring facilties up to adequate.

SB 57, Act 84 of the 2nd Extraordinary Session of 2003 provided for a 10 million dollar study for facilities that was one of the biggest boondoggles AR has ever experienced

(Act 98 2nd Extraordinary session 2003, SB 91) SB91 (Now Act 98) gave $107 by million (2003-2005 biennium) supplement to ADE to add up to 32 new government employees and other things
Go to this link for a quick confirmation of these votes, or look them up the longer way. :

11:01 PM, February 28, 2006  
Blogger Mr. Toast said...

You're wasting your time trying to appease the slugs that troll this site. They're not here to be confused by facts, just to leave their slimy trail.

11:29 AM, March 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read most of this blog and you people make me sick for the most part. I have been around both Doug and Jim for several years and I like Doug and trust him. Jim I just don't trust and/or beleve that he has my best intrest in heart. I will vote for Doug Matayo and you should take the time to meet both canadates and pick for yourself.

9:54 PM, March 27, 2006  

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