Monday, April 24, 2006

Masterson Lauds Tax Limitation Plan by Holt

Demo-zette columnest Mik Masterson has a lot of good things to say about Senator Jim Holt of Springdale's proposal to limit the growth of government taxes and spending to be no greater than the income and population growth of the citizens in this article.

Here is a sample of the article:

How novel that Holt, who garnered a whopping 59 percent of the votes in a recent KATV-sponsored Survey USA poll of GOP candidates for lieutenant governor, advocates limiting taxes and runaway growth in government. In speaking to the Benton County Republican Women last week, he said his proposal would be reminiscent of limits placed on governments in Maine and Colorado. Of those two states, he told reporters, he leans toward the law passed in Maine that prevents taxation from exceeding the rate of annual population growth plus inflation measured under the Consumer Price Index.

Whether you’re a Holt supporter or not—and judging from the results of that limited poll, even without big campaign contributions he has plenty—it’s refreshing to see any political candidate who pledges to ease the enormous tax burden borne by Arkansans.

Holt says that if he can’t get this concept through the Legislature, he’ll try to place it on the ballot.

How radical, Jim, you Scripturesoaked, family-man, reactionary zealot, you. Just imagine allowing the people to vote on how heavily they want to tax themselves !

(and it goes on. click the link for rest of article).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My goodness Mark Moore people are really interested in this post. You out did yourself this time. Everyone knows how many taxes Holt voted for by not showing up to vote. Holt cannot be trusted period.

7:57 AM, April 30, 2006  
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