Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Independent Rod Bryan Gets Signatures

According to this article from Doug Thompson, Independent Rod Bryan has submitted 11,000 signatures asking that he be put on the ballot for Governor. The minimum for Independents is 10,000.

One would expect Secretary of State Charlie Daniels to check those signatures very closely in an effort to keep Bryan off the ballot. His own party's candidate, Mike Bebee, does not have a strong record on environmental issues and most of the votes Bryan gets could be expected to come at Bebee's expense.

Another candidate, former state Representative Jim Lendall, could actually siphon off a lot more votes from Bebee, should Lendall get on the ballot as the Green Party candidate.

The filing deadline for new party's is July the 7th, according to Thompson. Although the article claimed only 10,000 signatures are needed to get a new party on the ballot, the law actually requires far more signatures to get a new party on the ballot than it would an independent running for the same office. Although courts have repeately found the practice of dual standards for ballot access unconstitutional, Arkansas has not equalized ballot access. According to the law, over 30,000 signatures would be needed to run as a candidate for a new party, rather than the 10,000 required for an independent.

One would expect Secretary of State Charlie Daniels to fight particulary hard to keep Lendall and the Green Party off of the ballot. The Green Party can be expected to take that issue to court if that happens based on a dual-signature requirement that the courts have already found unconstitutional.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone who was getting signatures to put the Green party on the ballot told me that you needed 3% of the last general to be exempt from having to get signatures again.
I told him that if the Green party had issues that Arkansans cared about it should be no problem to get a measly 3%.

It would be nice if R's had the drive that some Greens and Indys have though.

10:09 PM, May 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are for Asa, you WANT the Greens on the ballot. You did sign didn't you?

Of course, even if they get the 10,000, the Dems will try to keep them off the ballot using the old law. They don't care what the courts had to say about the dual-access standards.

There was a bill to equalize ballot access, and Senator Gilbert Baker helped kill the thing. If the Greens are kept off the ballot and Bebee wins this thing by less than 3% Baker will be kicking himself- others might be kicking him too.

6:56 PM, May 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I imagine that there will be an attempt by Charlie Daniels, and or the Democrat party to stop the greens.

They waited until the final days to file suit in '04, leading to the delay of absentee ballots being mailed to our military men and women. Approximately 51% of their vote was disenfranchised.

8:00 AM, May 08, 2006  
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