Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Acceptable Nominees for President Measured by Gallup

The Gallup organization conducted a poll on Presidential Candidates from both parties recently. In the poll party supporters could rate a candidate as "acceptable, unacceptable, or "don't know". On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, Jon Edwards, and Al Gore all showed "acceptable" ratings of around 70% and "unacceptable" ratings of 25-30%.

The Republican race showed that New York Mayor Rudi Gulilliani and Secretary of State Condi Rice had numbers in the 70% acceptable to 25% unacceptable ranges like the top three Democrats. Senator John McCain was third, and the only other candidate whose acceptables were above the margin of error higher than his unacceptable- 55%- 41%.

George Allen was the only one of the rest of the dozen-person field with higher acceptables than unacceptables (36/35%. For the rest, their unacceptable rating was significantly higher than the acceptable rating. Governor Mike Huckabee for example, was only acceptable to 17% of Republicans polled, but unacceptable to 40%. It sounds like the conservative enemies the Governor has made over the years are getting the word out.


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