Thursday, July 13, 2006

Missing the Point on the Deficit

Our federal government spending deficit for the fiscal year is set to be 296 Billion Dollars for fiscal 2006, when it was originally projected to be $435 billion.

Liberals are griping that the numbers were massaged while Conservatives are crowing about how this proves that tax cuts work. Revenues have increased even though taxes were cut. That was because releasing the money promoted economic growth. Liberals groused that the President had the original $435 billion dollar estimate calculated to make himself look "good" when the actual figures came out.

Liberals are morons. In this case though, so are the conservatives.

The liberals are morons because the Administration was using figures from the Congressional Budget Office to get their $435 billion original figure. The improvement wasn't a trick from W, but an artifact of the moronic way the morons at the CBO calculate. The way those numbers are calculated, changes in tax rates are not acknowledged to change behavior. In their calculations, if taxes were raised to 100% of income everone would just keep working the same number of hours they do now. Tax collections would go way up as the citizens kept working away as busy-bee government slaves. On the other hand, the way the CBO figures it, if tax rates were cut in half for one year, no one would do any extra work even though their effective wages for that work would jump 15%! Morons!

The liberals are morons because they refuse to recognize that tax cuts grow the economy.

So why are the conservatives, in this instance, morons? Because they think a $296 billion annual budget deficit is good news! This after six years of Republican control. That is over $1,000 in new debt for every single American. Does your family of four have $4,000 extra dollars around to pay for the new debt that your Federal Government added on as your share of the tab? And this is only for a single year. $4,000 is being added each and every year to the $80,000 plus your family already owes because of the generosity of your Federal Government with your family's future earnings!

"Conservatives" are letting Republicans destroy this country with profligate spending practices. I would expect that kind of behavior from dope-smoking liberals who think the answer to every problem is government funding, but who do the few adult voters left turn too when the traditional small-government party goes absolutely ape?


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