Sunday, October 22, 2006

Beebe's AG Office on Gay Foster Parents: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

David Sanders did some good reseach on the claims and counter claims of Beebe and Hutchinson. Subject: why Beebe's AG office failed to protect children from judicially imposed homosexual foster parenting. This ruling was imposed despite the objections of state child welfare advocates.

Beebe's answer was that the state department of human services had its own lawyers, and it would be illegal for his team to jump in unless asked. Beebe said they never asked.

The real answer is that Beebe's assistant for child-welfare, Larry Crain, had already made it clear to them that he thought they were wrong and he had no interest in defending the department's desire to protect children from homosexual foster parenting.

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Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Also Beebe's team likely could have entered the case anyway, because it involved an Arkansas Constitutional issue, rather than an Arkansas law, which a court precident did rule should be handled by the department's own lawyers. They just didn't want to.

Beebe's staff had a "don't ask, don't tell" attitude on this issue, as in "Don't ask for help and we won't tell you no".

The way this issue has played out impacts voter decisions on several races:

Governor: Personel is policy. Mike Beebe chose to retain Larry Crain as the "child-welfare" assistant for his AG office. Larry Crain did not want to fight to protect defenseless inpressionable children from homoesexual couples becoming their "foster parents". My guess is that Asa Hutchinson would not pick someone with that view to be his "child-welfare" assistant. That is a clear difference in values that voters can consider when deciding which of these men should be their next Governor.

Lieutenant Governor: Jim Holt was the one who saw all this coming. State Department of Human Services personell told him about this lawsuit, and warned that their department policy could be overturned in court unless it was made into state law. Holt teamed with Democrat Bob Adams to sponsor a bill to do just that. Unfortunately, some far-left senators bottled it up in committee. Sure enough, the courts ruled that the department could not ban homosexuals on its own, they would need a law. Holt has vowed to push for a voter ballot initiative to make it into law if the legislature does not act to do so in 07. His opponent has mostly just bit his nails on this issue, and had his consultant issue ugly faxes. Disclaimer- I consult for Holt.

Attorney General: It is clear that we need an Attorney General who will take a more proactive approach than General Beebe has done to stop homosexuals from ramming their radical agenda down our throats. It is also clear that Democrat Dustin McDaniel is not that man. He just came out in favor of homosexual civil unions in violation of the marriage amendment recently passed by 76% of the voters. Republican Gunner DeLay gives every indication of a willingness to take forceful action to defend children on this issue.

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