Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bush, McCain Appeal Ruling that Would Let Pro-Lifers Speak

McCain- joined Bush administration in appealing a court ruling that favored state right-to-life group.
When George Bush campaigned for President in 2000 two of the things that got me to vote, and campaign, for him was that 1) My Republican friends assured me that he was pro-life (even though he himself never seem to make any committments) and 2) He said that he felt the free speech restrictions in the McCain-Feingold so-called campaign "reform" bill were unconstitutional. That bill included provisions that organizations like Wisconson Right to Life can't run ads for or against the election of any candidate for 90 days prior to an election! I call it the "Incumbancy Protection/Free Speech Exclusion Act".

Anyway, Bush may have thought it was "unconstitutional", but then he immediately signed it into law anyway. And his administration is now fighting hard to expand the application of the provisions against Right to Life groups and others. Even when they run ads that are not in violation of the act because they do not say anything about electing anyone, team Bush still looks on this excessive display of free speech with disfavor. They prosecuted Wisc. Right to Life for the ads. The judge ruled that the ads did not violate the act. The Bush administration, joined by McCain, Chris Shays, and two democrats, have chosen to appeal that ruling.

Of course, Pelosi's latest attempt to shut up grassroots organizations was even worse than McCain-Feingold. Thank God, literally, that the most offending provision, section 220, was defeated. That was no thanks to our Senators Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln, who voted to keep section 220 so that they would not have to be bothered by hearing from useless little people like you who complain about things but don't write them big checks.

Anybody see any solutions out there? Anyone to vote for for anything?


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