Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Fear Button is Broken

In between sniffles, I've been watching the GOP presidential nomination taking shape. I am far from believing that the GOP are our last, or best hope, but I am curious: how many of you will vote for someone you personally disagree with because he's "the lesser of two evils"?

Right now, the media is working hard to assure conservatives that their choice is between a few "moderates". Me, I don't believe everything the media tells me. But I am more and more convinced that Christians and conservatives are NOT, I repeat, NOT the same group. Some Christians are conservative. Some conservatives are Christian. So there is some overlap between the two groups. But I think too many Christians think that conservatives naturally agree with them on most issues.

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Blogger Nom Deguerre said...

Do conservatives agree with Christians on most issues? Well, let's define "conservative" first. Conservatives usually try to defend the traditions of their country. Most American traditions were Christian at one time. But do the people who describe themselves as conservative, actually defend their county's traditions IN PRACTICE? Not the ones already elected. They pursue an unabashed program of secularization, chasing the name of God and His truth out of the public arena.

So, many who call themselves "conservative", to judge by their fruits, have a different agenda from practicing Christians.

What about Christians? Is their primary agenda defending American traditions? It shouldn't be. Our Constitution is worth defending, don't get me wrong. But we aren't even in a position to defend the godly traditions of our nation, while our very position as Christians is under fierce attack. We have let the world define the terms of the battle: we won't invoke the objective Truth of the Bible as foundation for objective values. We will try to prove in secular terms why we should be allowed to pray to Jesus Christ in public.

And we have not succeeded. Because success for us will be complete freedom to practice our faith, even in politics. But the secular conservatives agree with non-conservatives that the grudging "tolerance" by our secular neighbors of our "right to be Christian as long as we don't offend anyone, and not ever in public", is all we have a right to expect. Any minor achievement in that direction is loudly acclaimed by the "conservatives" who need the Christian vote. They try to keep Christians convinced that the small freedom they're handing back with one hand makes up for the truckload of our freedoms they're driving away with the other!

"But at least he's better than _______ " I can't tell you how tired I am of that phrase. Why am I supposed to be content with the guy who gives back one small freedom ,as opposed to the woman who takes them all? I've still lost a truckload of freedom! Nobody can give me any hope that the guy with the truck plans to give my freedom back someday, or make it harder for the next guy who is itching to get his hands on the truck. If I vote for the guy with the token freedom simply to keep out the woman with both hands on the wheel, I am only slowing the loss of liberty. If all my liberties are gone in the end, and I did nothing to stop the thefts, only slowed them, then I failed not only myself, but my neighbor as well.

What is the Christian attitude to politics? In everything we do, we are commanded to love GOD, and love our neighbors. So we should ask ourselves how we are loving God and others with our activities, our agendas, and our votes. I am convinced for myself, that I cannot vote for a man or woman who is not solid on the issue of pro-life (to take just one of the MANY issues God cares about). I mean one who doesn't just say "I believe that abortion is wrong, but I can't impose my belief on others". I believe that God's Word is objectively true, that is, has truth apart from my own opinions. I can't support anyone for any office who thinks that truth is a matter of opinion. What if their opinions are different tomorrow? I am looking for a candidate whose actions I can support. I've been suckered before by guys who said they were pro-life, but didn't lift a finger to save a life once they were sworn in. And I've had enough. My fear button is broken. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils, because I will not vote for evil.

7:38 PM, January 11, 2007  

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