Thursday, March 22, 2007

Does Deceit Have No Price? "Delphi" and the ERA

So they are going to try again with the ERA today. I am amazed. You would think all the people that were roped into "co-sponsoring" it without being told what the potential ramifications were would be upset at being misled. I have to admire the left for their grit and brazeness if nothing else. They tried to rush this thing through with a big high-pressure band wagon. The wheels fell off the wagon when the facts got out about what this really was, and what it has been used to do in other states. Still, in a stunning display of chutzpuh, they claim the opponents of the bill are "alarmists" and that the facts don't support the "alarmists" claims. But this is the "Big Lie" theory in action. The "alarmists" have been shown to be correct in states across the union.

There is no delicate way to put this. The ERA supporters are lying. They have been lying and deceiving rather brazenly about this bill, and I wonder when the other legislators are going get enough of such treatment.

The word lie sounds harsh and I don't like to say it, but the time comes when dealing with ruthless people that being polite is no longer the right thing to do. And anyway, it is still not as insulting as "Delphi" on the so-called "people's-tribune" blog (now defunct). That place was the home of viscious smears directed toward legislators that were not true. It only showed the true feelings of certain people who hid behind a smiling face then used a fake identity to smear people (legislative colleagues?) online. More deception.

I call upon the legislators to rebuke this behavior, vote down the ERA, and fortify the honor of the institution by showing such tactics have a steep price.


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