Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cheap Labor, How Long Will It Last? Cheap Labor Will End When Welfare Begins!

Cheap Labor, Hawked by "Compassionate" Advocates of Immigration Bill
Will End As Soon As 12 to 20 Million Illegal Aliens Become Legal
And Discover the 60 Welfare Programs Paid for by Taxpayers

Just how long do those businesses, farmers, and advocates of Cheap Labor think these 12 to 20 illegal aliens will work for these cheap wages when they are eligible for the 60 plus government welfare programs – which will happen shortly after the bill is signed and they become legal. It won't take them very long to catch on that they can do as well or better without working. We will just have another 20 million plus people on the government dole. The welfare wages are simply too high to get people to do the cheap labor for any length of time.

Then we will need another 20 million illegals who are not yet eligible for all the government benefits to do the unpleasant work for cheap wages. Never fear! After this amnesty phase, the rush on the border will guarantee cheap labor will be available, but will there be any jobs left for the Americans?

National and Arkansas Farm Bureau have endorsed the pending Senate immigration bill, saying an enforced only approach to immigration could cost US farmers up $9 billion n a year in lost production and $5 billion in reduced farm income. In other words, they want that cheap labor even if it means developing a slave labor market in our country. And hawkers of "Cheap Labor" pretend they have more compassion than we do for the illegal aliens. See State Farm press release at this link:

And the labor has never been cheap; the expense is just borne by the taxpayers who pay all those welfare benefits for the children of the illegal aliens born on American soil and the emergency medical benefits for the illegal alien adults as well. Heritage Foundation reports that the average cost to the taxpayer of the household of a low-skill laborer is $19,588 a year. That will be the cost to the taxpayers for most of these 12 to 20 million illegal aliens once they become legal. See this link: " The Fiscal Cost of Low-Skill Immigrants to the U.S. Taxpayer"

And there won't be any more under the table wages lower than minimum wage! And the new illegal aliens once legalized will have to pay taxes and compete for business on the same basis as the Americans with legal license and other various government mandates which will prevent them from working as cheaply as they could when they were illegal.

I believe I have as much compassion on the poor and illegal aliens as any citizen, not ever having been one of the economically privileged in our country. But we are not doing anyone any favors by creating dependency and getting our disadvantaged hooked on welfare. And we are not helping those illegal aliens by allowing our country to become as lawless and as corrupt (and in the direction we are headed as economically disadvantaged) as the country from which they are fleeing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are a Democrat, you are a chump for the Communists who are the wizards behind the Democrat party curtain.

If you are a Republican, you are a chump for the Billionaires who are the wizards behind the Republican party curtain.

If you are part of any other party, you are just a chump.

It is time for the grassroots of both parties to not only have a donor rebellion (Hat tip to letter to the editor I saw by Debbie Pelley), but also be part of a volunteer rebellion.

If a candidate supports or fails to speak out against this amnesty bill, then don't work for him/her. If a county committee fails to take a position against the amnesty bill, don't do any volunteer work for them. If a state committee... you get the picture.

The same goes for organizations like Farm Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, etc. etc. We need to stay involved in there meetings and run for leadership positions in those organizations. But we should NOT give them the rope to hang us with.

It is time to take our parties back from the Communists and the Billionaires.

6:53 PM, June 22, 2007  

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