Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thompson Shakes Up Campaign Staff

ArkansasWatch has scooped the national media. MSNBC is now reporting what we suggested in this space earlier: The Thompson campaign is not doing as well as widely believed with their fund raising. Sources report that the amount raised is "about three million". That likely means $2.7 million raised. And the trend for them is getting worse, not better. They have been spending pretty freely, so the odds are that their cash on hand is much less- perhaps only half that. Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney remain that only two Republicans with significant campaign cash available. John McCain, Ron Paul, and perhaps Fred Thompson form a second tier that have enough cash to be a factor but are way behind the top two. After that, there is a drastic drop-off in cash.

As for a blogger in Pea Ridge figuring out the Thompson-cash story before the mainstream media did: We live in awe inspiring times. There is enough information floating around out there that the average guy who is paying attention and is willing to put a few things together can accurately predict tomorrow's news before it happens.
Former Michigan Senator Spence Abraham will be the new non-campaign director for Fred Thompson. As Senator, Abraham had a conservative voting record (ACU score of 92) but that counts globalist votes as "conservative". Abraham was a consistent advocate of Open Borders and worked relentlessly to weaken immigration controls and regulations. For example, in 1997 he received the Congressional Award from the race-based organization, the National Council of La Raza (it means "the Race" in Spanish)


Staff shake-ups on the Thompson non-campaign for President, and speculation swirls that it will further delay his possible entry into the race. Disappointing fund raising totals may be a part of the problem. The problem sure isn't polling, as Thompson appears #1 or #2 and rising in every non-internet poll conducted. The Thompson organization has gone to great lengths to avoid the campaign finance disclosure laws that Thompson himself voted for as a Senator. Why? CNN reports that past chairman Tom Collenmore resigned because Thompson's wife was trying to run the campaign. That would be one troubling answer, but the other possible troubling answer is that Thompson does not have nearly as much cash on hand as people have been led to believe.

Even though he has gotten around disclosures of contributions nationwide, the state of Florida has a separate set of laws so that Thompson is obligated to reveal how he is doing in that large and early-voting state. It turns out he has raised only $44,000 in Florida. Considering that Florida has at least 1/20th of the nation's population, a good rule of thumb might be that it would be the source of about 1/20th the contributions of a national candidate like Thompson. If that is even roughly accurate, the Fred Thompson campaign has only raised about $880,000 as of July 15th. That is not an estimate of how much they have on hand, but how much they have raised. Of course, you can at least double that because Thompson's home state of Tennessee and the K Street lobbies in Washington are going to give disproportionately to Thompson. It is rumored that he raised over half a million in a single fund raiser in Tennessee, but take that away and it is possible that Fred Thompson has raised about as much money as Mike Huckabee and has less than half the cash on hand of Ron Paul. If that is so and it gets out, the bandwagon loses at least a wheel.

Fred Thompson does not have a reputation as a hard worker. I can tell you, raising money is hard work. While we don't know for sure because they are going to a lot of trouble in order to avoid having to tell us, my head and gut tells me that the Thompson machine, while not poverty stricken, is far from a monetary juggernaut.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abraham is an apologist for the jihadi warriors and a paid lobbyist for Islamic countries. This is a bad choice by Fred no matter how you feel about his campaign.

7:16 PM, July 25, 2007  
Blogger terrymcdermott said...

I think Ron Paul will do better that expected. When scanning the internet, I found many people who support him.

5:51 AM, July 27, 2007  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Internet users are significantly better informed than the average voter. It makes sense that a candidate would catch fire with plugged in people first, then spread to the general population.

9:23 AM, July 27, 2007  

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