Tuesday, September 25, 2007

50th Anniversary of Central High Integration Crisis

Let us remember our past so as to avoid new wounds from similar mistakes in the future, but do so in a way that heals rather than re-opens old wounds.">


Anonymous c.b. said...

Speaking of race relations;
Am I the only sane person in this country, or should someone......EVERYONE be pointing out that if 6 white kids in Jena, LA had beat a black kid up, the same hypocrites that are demanding the charges be dropped would be down there screaming they be charged with HATE CRIMES! (Duke Lacrosse, anyone?)

Once again, the Race-baiters are essentially telling us that, not only are minorities(blacks) incapable of racisim they are also incapable of hate. Yes, only white people are capable of such emotions.

3:36 PM, September 26, 2007  

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