Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Craig Will Beat the Rap, As Will Clinton

Idaho Senator Larry Craig may well beat the rap on his men's room escapades. It looks like some Republicans have learned well from the Clintons. If you just brazen it out and don't care what it does to the country or your party, you can usually get through it.

Hillary Clinton's big donor, Norman Hsu, has failed to appear in court. My guess is that he fled to China, like a lot of Clinton donors did back when Bill Clinton was running. The Chi-Coms must have liked the return on the investment they got from the Clintons, because it looks to me like they are funneling foreign money to Hillary now. She announced that she would "donate the money to charity", but gave only the money that Hsu brought with his name on it. The vast majority of funds he got her came with someone else's name on it, a practice called "bundling". Some of the people Hsu knew that gave the max to Hillary are people of very modest means who have never donated to a candidate before. Just brazen it out.

There is a minority of Americans who are paying attention to what is going on in this country, maybe 5%. And they are seething. They know about the only choice we have is electing leaders that will sell us out to business interests with ties to Mexico (top Republicans) or business leaders that will sell us out to the Chinese (Clinton Democrats). Our only "viable" choices seem to be which country we prefer to be sold to. The majority of Americans are doped up on Prozac or something like it, or are absorbed by pursing trivial amusement or pop culture rubbish. The rest are either victims of circumstances (such as the sell-out) or have made such a mess of their lives that they are in no condition to care about such things.

So there is a seething, informed minority that political leaders on both sides can safely ignore, counting on the ignorance and apathy of the masses to give them cover. Today's ruling class has come to understand that no matter how vile, or even treasonous, their actions, they can brazen it out because the vast majority don't care, and half of those who do only take offense when someone in the OTHER POLITICAL party does it.


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