Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dirty Donor Hsu Also Gave to Pryor!

Fall Guy Norman Hsu
It turns out that Hillary Clinton is not the only one who took tainted money from Norman Hsu. Sen. Mark Pryor was also a "beneficiary".

It seems that Hillary Clinton has learned nothing from the Chi-Com fundraising scandals of the 90s which involved her husband. Check that, she has learned that you can get away with it. If a scheme falls apart, just get the donor to be the fall guy and brazenly deny you knew anything about where the money was coming from. Your foreign backers will find a new bag man, and neither the press nor the other party will make an issue of it.

Most national politicians from both parties are for sale to foreign interests. The Chinese prefer Democrats while South and Central American interests prefer Republicans. Globalist politicians sell out easily to foreign interests because, well- they are globalists. They don't take that stuff about sovereign nations very seriously, so why should they care about the laws we have in place to keep foreign governments from buying our elected officials? Especially since neither side of the Republicrat party will really make an effort to enforce the law on the other. Bill Clinton was clearly getting money from the Chi-Coms in the 1990s, but the GOP never laid a hand on him. The "investigation" into the matter was a white-wash. The guy in charge of the pseudo-effort to "investigate" the matter? That would be current insider-designated outsider candidate Fred Thompson.

The press is doing all it can to make Hsu look like a "lone gunman", but the man simply did too much too fast for that. He had to have an infrastructure behind him.


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