Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fraudship Coalition: Liberal Clergy Pimp for Big Business

A group of powerful Arkansas businesses that appear to be among the biggest employers of illegal aliens in the state have joined with a group of liberal clergymen who misrepresent God on a number of social and economic issues to form the so-called "Arkansas Friendship Coalition".

The coalition's mission is to prevent Arkansas and other localities within the state from defending themselves against the onslaught of illegal aliens which have plagued some of our cities. Many of the members of this group represent business interests who have profited by hiring illegal aliens. They say in their mission statement "Immigration is a federal issue. State and local money should not be wasted trying to fix a problem that ultimately only the federal government can solve."

Meanwhile, across the state line in Oklahoma and elsewhere, states are already fixing it. Illegals there are fleeing the state in advance of tough new state and local laws going into effect. This undermines the coalition's position that state and local money is "wasted" in trying to deal with illegal aliens.

But the name of the group is even more fundamentally dishonest than that. It is not about "friendship". For the business side, it is about being able to access limitless supplies of illegal foreign labor in an effort to depress wages below honest free-market levels. It is about making money by cheating legal workers rather than pleasing customers. The Bible has some things to say about withholding wages from workers, but the faux-clergy in this group don't seem to know or care what the Bible says on this or any other issue. Half of them are from Christian "churches" that either approve of homosexual "marriage", or are not sure.

They are all clergy with official titles, and I am just a regular Christian who loves God. When people claim the name and moral legitimacy of God but feel no obligation to preach or obey the clear teachings of His Word, then I have no problem labeling them as frauds. False prophets. Workers of iniquity. And so they are here.

Despite their deceitful cloak of nobility, this is pure profit motive trying to buy the mantle of moral superiority for their shady business practices. For some people, anyone who makes a lot of money is automatically respectable, but for the rest of us, it matters how they got it. I have more respect for an honest ditch-digger than a corporate millionaire who cheated his way to the top. I have more respect for "trailer trash" than I do for "mansion trash", because they ought to know better. Instead, it appears some of our mansion-trash even lack the sense of shame for wrong-doing that many of their lower-economic class countrymen still retain. Indeed, here they are bold enough to portray their rapacious behavior as a virtue!

As for the liberal-rent-a-clergy, their motives are obscure, but the perversion of their doctrines are plain. Their aiding and abetting the destruction of what is left of the Founder's America is consistent with their past conduct. They seem to be in favor of corrupting and undermining everything that protects our Judeo-Christian heritage, including secure borders. They are impostors masquerading as men of God, of the sort who hate the reality of what they only pretend to be.

If anyone wants to hear what the scriptures say (and how they have been twisted) on the issue of illegal immigration, here is a nine minute audio on what the scriptures say about "public benefits and illegal aliens".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Immigration is a federal issue. State and local money should not be wasted trying to fix a problem that ultimately only the federal government can solve."

Translation: we spend enough time and money lobbying Washington politicians. Don't make us do double duty down there in Little Rock.

7:17 PM, October 30, 2007  
Anonymous Rick said...


This is far from being a federal issue. When illegals take local jobs it becomes a state and local issue.
You have done a great job telling what other states are doing about this issue. Today is when the laws in OK take effect. Since you now have to prove you are a citizen of this country to get benefits illegals are fleeing Oklahoma. Reports are saying as many as 20,000 have left Tulsa alone.
Sounds like the plan is working. We need to follow their example here in AR.

4:21 AM, November 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:22 PM, November 04, 2007  

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