Saturday, December 15, 2007

Acambaro Raids Part II

As more facts roll in, some things become more apparent about the raids on Acambaro for employing illegal aliens. One clue are the reports that Acambaro was paying its employees cash under the table. Tyson's et al would never make that mistake. The government is going to come down hardest on the criminals who don't give it their proper share of the take. Better to employee them above the tables, say have 25 employees with a Social Security number of 000 00 0000. As long as you are paying into the system, the system might let you alone.

The second thing is that the police got wise when many people they were arresting for other crimes turned out to be illegal aliens who were working at Acambaro. B-b-but, I thought they were just hard working folks who were only trying to make a better life for themselves? Do you mean to tell me that folks who would break into another country illegally would also be more likely to break other laws once here? Who could have guessed that?


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