Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Clinton Fundraiser Indicted

The brazen law-breaking of the Clinton Crime Machine never ceases to amaze and disgust me. Likewise the "light touch" given the story from the establishment media which works so hard to protect the Clinton's. I am talking about this story, where her top-drawer donor has been indicted for stealing 20 million dollars and systematic violations of campaign finance laws. The corporate media has given Ron Paul more heat for telling the truth about the NAFTA highway than they have Hillary Clinton for accepting big money from a crook. You had pennyless workers contributing thousands of dollars to Hillary. You had money coming from Chinese citizens.

Despite the chi-com fundraising scandals of the last Clinton administration (remember John Haung?), the corporate media is assiduously avoiding any suggestion of connecting dots. Sure, they report that the guy is being indicted, and that he gave Hillary! money, but they are not demanding answers of her as to what she knew and when she knew it. They will stick a microphone in Ron Paul's face and ask him if he is a kook for believing their is a plot to create a "North American Union" but they never stick a microphone in Hillary's face and ask her if she is a crook due to her constant and systematic receipt of illegal campaign contributions. Never mind that former Mexican President Vicente Fox got on Larry King Live and stated that such a union was the long long range goal. Mitt Romney gets more hostile questions over his lawn service than Hillary does after being caught again in a huge illegal donation scheme.


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