Wednesday, December 05, 2007

College Money for Everyone

A lady I worked with told me that she was going back to school. She is over 60. Nothing serious, she just wants to paint again and so she was going to sign up for art classes. "It's free because I am over 60" she smiled. "You are welcome" I replied. She looked a bit confused at that. "Nothing is really free. It just seems free to you because other people- like me- are being taxed to pay for it". It did not seem to phase her.

Thieving politicians bribe older people with "entitlements" because they are the ones most likely to vote. Also, all of these thieving politicians want to be "for education". But if you will think about it, few things make less sense that to raise the taxes of young people struggling to survive and raise children so that people over 60 can take college classes simply for personal amusement because someone else is picking up the tab. It is welfare for liberal college professors who already make more money than they should in a free-market where everyone pays their own money for what the liberal professors offer. They prefer an economy where their customers use someone else's money- that is always good for business.

When I was teaching, I did some masters work. They told me that since I was a teacher, my college courses were "free" if I applied. I never did. I paid my own tuition. I figured that graduate-school education was for my benefit, and it was wrong to tax some poor guy who worked in a fish-house so that he could send me through college.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of spending our tax money. How would you respond to Governor Beebe's statements in this story.

11:07 AM, December 08, 2007  

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