Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dueling Arkansas Republicans In Iowa Part II

The ArkJournal blog put us onto this video of the dueling Arkansas Republicans in Iowa. Complete audio can be found here.

On the "Huckabee is Good" side are State Senator and former state GOP Chairman Gilbert Baker of Conway and former State Rep. and Governor's "Floor Leader" Doug Matayo of Siloam Springs. On the "Huckabee is a Pro-Life Liberal" side we have former State Rep. Randy Minton of Jacksonville and former State Senator Jim Holt of Springdale, winner of two state-wide GOP primaries.

Look at the body language and listen to the tone as well as what they are claiming. Gilbert Baker especially seems jumpy and nervous. Holt and Minton are both calm and there is a bit of an "on a mission" feel to them. Baker and Matayo don't seem so convinced of what they are saying- nor should they. Witness the absurdity of (for one) Baker's claim that the taxpayers of Arkansas paying for a Consulate for the Mexican Government in Little Rock would somehow help us catch illegal aliens!


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