Friday, February 01, 2008

Political Thievery in Hawaii?

******** "Book'em Dano!" ************

I had heard through the grape vine that Ron Paul was doing very well in the multi-day Hawaiian Caucus, possibly even winning the majority of the delegates. When it looked like this was happening in Nevada, the rules got changed three times in the ten days leading up to the Caucus in order to allow Romney to bus in loads of supporters and win it. As disgraceful as that was, at least those rules changes occurred before the caucus began. It appears that even that fig-leaf may be gone in the Island State. The Watch has gotten word that the GOP in that state is changing the rules and allowing people to continue to sign up as republicans after the caucuses and still attend the convention.

As in Nevada, this is a tremendous benefit to Romney's campaign- they can bus whole churches over and pay their way.

If these allegations are true
then the party has no legitimacy whatsoever. If true, then the "rules" are only hammers used to beat down those the insiders don't like, but discarded like yesterday's garbage when it suits them. The "process" is being exposed as an elaborate ruse designed to conceal the fact that they will cheat as much as necessary in order to stamp out a grassroots movement.


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