Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So What's Huckabee Up To?

Mike Huckabee has stayed in the race despite the odds. Why? There are several possible reasons. An early one is that he was angling for a VP slot. That looks increasingly unlikely now. Or if it is, he will have to elbow his way onto the ticket. Maybe he still thinks he can win. The delegate counts reported by the corporate media are about as accurate as their other reporting- which is to say not very. McCain does not have as many delegates locked up as the media claims that he has. Perhaps Huckabee is hoping that widespread discontent with McCain by the majority of Republican voters produces a brokered convention in which he can emerge on top.

I currently lean toward the idea that Huckabee wants to be Ronald Reagan in 1976. That year Reagan challenged a not-very-popular sitting President named Gerald Ford. The establishment did what they always do, blocked the conservative candidate and pushed the losing Ford onto the base. Ford got the nomination, but in the process Reagan won the hearts of the GOP voters. Four years later, Reagan came in as the favorite. Though the establishment tried to stop him with Bush Senior, Reagan got enough delegates to secure the nomination. Since he was NOT the candidate that the establishment wanted, he was actually able to connect to people and win the election. The only down side was that he had to have the globalist establishment Bush as his VP to placate the insiders.

Perhaps Huckabee is trying to do what Reagan did. Not win, but make the GOP base wish that he had won so that after McCain gets destroyed in November Huckabee becomes the favorite for 08.


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