Saturday, March 08, 2008

Keyes to Run for President Under Constitution Party Banner?

So says Nick Curran the Radar blog in NY. Curran was privy to a conference call where Keyes described staying in the Republican Party as "an occasion of sin".

In my, and his, younger days I supported Keyes. I don't know whether he has changed, I have, or both, but he now strikes me as shrill and pompous. I know there are times to be forceful, but he has been over the top even when staying below the top would do. But that is style. The substance is that I (and more importantly the Constitution Party) favor withdrawal from the United Nations and an end to America as "globo cop". Keyes has taken the opposite positions in his now standard bombastic fashion.

That even effects economic and civil rights issues. Governments don't shrink when on a "war footing". You can't have an endless war against a vague enemy and expect to reduce the size and scope of government.

Despite the differences, Keyes is said to be "prayerfully considering" such a move.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't see it happening. First of all, he'll be handicapped by the anti-spoiler laws. Secondly, Keyes is a supporter of the war in Iraq, and the UN (as you mentioned) of which he was once an ambassador to. Furthermore, Keyes has stated that he supports the ridiculous concept of reparations.

The CP would really be desperate to settle for any '08 has-been candidate, let alone one with the baggage that Keyes carries.

8:07 AM, March 08, 2008  

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