Monday, May 12, 2008

Chilling Speech from a Mexican Revolutionist

40 Million Potential Revolutionaries North of the Border

Below is a transcription of the speech, but you need to watch it for the full effect. See link to video at end of article.

Reconquista Aztlan Separatist Speech
Ron Gochez rallies a group of student protesters advocating illegal immigration into America as forming a "Northern Front" of revolution against 'racist' whites and capitalism.

"I want to start off by saying that the young man who spoke a little while ago was one of my students. That made me so proud because I know that our people are strong leaders for years and years to come. (Loud applause)

"We have a revolutionary Mexican organization here. You are right: this is not just about Mexico; this is about a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism. We know that all of that is happening in the context of where we now stand is stolen occupied Mexico. (Loud applause)

"And the message that we bring, if you want to bring a little bit more of a revolutionary context to this, why is it that these people, these frail, racist white people want to keep us out of this country. It is not simply because the color of our skin; it is not simply because they just want to exploit us. Let me tell you why. Because on this planet right now are six billion people at the forefront of a revolutionary movement, the LaRaza.
(Loud Applause)

"We have a long history of examples of (names several leaders and countries in South American, including Chavez and Brazil, names that I could not understand for sure). You name it; we have nine; nine at the center, governments in Latin America right now. They know something that one young Argentine said. It is called the domino theory. He knew that every single country would go revolutionary, one after the other, after the other, after the other.

"So what do they fear? They know that every single country; they know that we no longer will fall to these lies called borders. We know that (names countries in Latin America including Guatemala) there is no damm difference! we are all one people so with that in mind we see ourselves, all of us here, as the Northern Front of a Latin American Revolutionary movement. (Loud applause)

" There are more than 40 million of our people north of the Rio Grande - that means to them that's 40 million potential revolutionaries north of the border inside the belly of the beast.

"So when you think about why they want to kick us, our people out. That's why. Because they know that we now know the truth; they know that now we are La Raza; we are professionals; we are educators; we are revolutionary students. What does that mean? We are not just a regular culture any more; we are a culture of revolutionary spirit, and that's the fear. (Thunderous applause)

"So with that being said, I want to leave you with this. As a revolutionary and with revolutionary context, let's be clear about one thing. Our enemy is not the minutemen. Quote me, " our enemy is not the minutemen because the minutemen are not the ones who have killed over 4,600 people at those borders." Our enemy is the same enemy as the one Chavez has. Our enemy is the same enemy that (names other countries in Latin America that I could not understand) . Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism. (Loud applause)

"I will finish with this. If you are serious about making change; if you are serious about making change, let me tell you: the struggle will go on for many more years after we leave (couple words I could not understand but I this he said L.A.) Reading a book, writing a book or teaching a class, that is not, that is not part of the movement. What you do 24 hours a day as a professional revolutionary. that is what will lead our people, and all people to liberation. " (Loud Applause)

Link to the video
Link to another article about this group and shows all of California as part of Mexico
Separatist Movement Evidence.

This article sent out by Arkansas Family Coalition, Bob Hester, Director


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