Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Several Hundred Illegal Aliens Arrested in Iowa/Identity Theft

Following is a summary of information on this arrest in Iowa taken from several articles (links given at end of this article) Details vary greatly in these reports.

All articles report that at least 300 people (some articles say 390) were arrested on Monday, May 12, by U.S. immigration agents as a result of an ongoing investigation into identity theft, fraudulent use of Socical Security numbers, and for illegal immigrants. Reports agree that it is the largest operation of this type ever in Iowa and that agents from federal, state, and local agencies are involved and that the investigation was led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unit.

[This first paragraph includes all we need to know – that the increased incidence of identity theft, the fasting growing crime in US for the last seven years, is definitely related to the illegal alien problem. I myself was notified recently by the blood bank that my information was on one of three computers that were stolen from them and that I should take proper steps to protect myself from identity theft. It doesn't seem quite fair to have good deeds (giving blood) rewarded with evil. It should encourage all of us to do everything we can to get the illegal alien initiative on the ballot]

One article reports: "According to an affidavit, based on information thus far developed in the investigation, it appears, based on 2007 fourth quarter payroll reports, that approximately 76 percent of the 968 employees of Agriprocessors (the meat packing company in Northeast Iowa where the arrests took place)were using false or fraudulent social security numbers in connection with their employment.”

Another account reports: "All 833 employees were found to have either used invalid Social Security numbers or numbers not their own, said an application ICE agents submitted to secure a search warrant of the facility."

The Chicago Tribune reported: "According to an affidavit dated May 9, federal officials relied on several sources, including former employees and at least one undercover plant employee who wore a wire monitored by investigators."

Following are several links to stories on this issue: Some of them give very detailed reports.,0,4871703.story


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arkansas Watch,

Can you guys help with promoting the ballot initative on limiting the services provided to illegal immigrants? Jeanie Burlsworth is trying to get some help collecting signatures this weekend and also getting volunteers up in NWA. She really needs some help?


Rep. Jon Woods

7:36 PM, May 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting... you didn't mention how the employers (GREEDY JEWS)helped out w/ obtaining the 'new' identities... god bless amerika!

9:10 PM, May 28, 2008  

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