Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some Gave All

A friend of mine at work made a show of elaborate indifference when I attempted to broach the subject of the run-off elections coming up June 10th. I realize that I can be a bore on the subject, but it is still something responsible people should be willing to talk about. "I am sorry that the burden of self-government is so troublesome to you" I said, "Perhaps soon we will live under a dictator and you will not have to be bothered with it."

We live in a time where it is easy to lose faith, and interest in the process and the leaders that process puts forth. We may need to alter the process. But we should never ignore our duty as a free people to wisely govern ourselves. In America, good government is not someone else's responsibility. It is not something that will just "take care of itself" while we are pursing other things. Campaigning with ballots may be tiresome, but not so bad as campaigning with bullets.

On this Memorial Day, we remember our fallen heroes. Some gave all that we might live free. I ask all my countrymen to give some that we might remain that way.


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