Monday, July 28, 2008

Arkansas' Insane Adoption Rules: Homosexuals OK, Over 40 Not OK?

Under pressure from a lawsuit, DHS has changed its age policy for adoptions. The previous policy was basically people over 40 could not adopt. The new policy is that there must be an age difference of no more than 45 years between parents and child.

A co-worker of mine has a friend whose sister is a lesbian, she and her "partner" have adopted a young boy who is no relation to them thanks to the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Another co-worker of mine and his wife attempted to adopt his own grand-daughter. He was advised that the State Department of Human services had a "policy" against adopting children into families where the parents were over 40, even if the child was a blood relative.

I have no reason to doubt the word of my co-workers, but accepting it leads me to the uncomfortable possibility that our state government has descended into madness. Turning a young boy over to unrelated lesbians to raise is preferable in their sight to turning a young boy over to his own relatives over 40?

We have a shortage in this nation, not of parents willing to adopt children, but of children that need to be adopted. This applies to mostly to white children without significant special needs. This is why we increasingly see families going to Asia to bring back children. There is no need to turn young boys over to lesbians to raise, but it seems that our state government has shifted the rules so that it is happening. Think of this happening, here in this state, where most people claim to honor God!

May God protect the children, and bring swift justice. Amen.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

What? None of the usual gay mafia around to call me names? Maybe they have finally realized that I DON'T CARE what they think of me!

9:12 PM, July 29, 2008  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Check that, Jesus said to "beware when all men speak well of you", so I guess I do care to the extent that if those who are ruining our country and oppose God thought well of me I would be concerned.

9:14 PM, July 29, 2008  
Anonymous said...

Well Mark, I am not a part of the "Gay Mafia" but I will respond. As a Christian I believe the children should be raised in a home with a married mother and father. That is my RELIGIOUS belief! I am concerned however about taking only ONE RELIGIOUS belief and making it law. I think we are hard pressed to prove by secular means that placing a child with two Homosexuals would be harmful to the child. If we want to make a law concerning this I believe we are going to have to use a lot more than just personal beliefs, there has to be some argument for the greater good. Therefore I will not be supporting the family council ban this fall.

5:43 AM, July 30, 2008  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

"I think we are hard pressed to prove by secular means that placing a child with two Homosexuals would be harmful to the child."

Dare to have faith that the God who inspires your belief is right. The Gay Mafia has no problem believing in their cause.

I am so sure that it is harmful to a child to be raised by homosexuals, especially when a mature relative of the child is willing to adopt, that I don't need to wait around for them to be experimented on to find out.

At any rate, science has become poltitisized and we can no longer trust the researchers to inform us of an un-PC result.

Some things are so obvious that I don't have to wait for some children to be screwed up before I am willing to say its wrong.

Now as to the specifics of the Family Council's ban, well, I have not been beating the drums for it and maybe I ought to write a column why soon.

7:00 PM, July 30, 2008  
Anonymous gsm0519 said...

I understand what you are saying. But religion is subjective (Cannot be proven beyond a doubt) I personally know of situations where two lesbian women raised three kids- all three turned out well- all three are hetero, and now are grown and have families of their own. Where is the proof?

7:38 PM, July 30, 2008  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Please don't let secularist radicals confuse you with accusations of "subjectivity". All moral laws, including laws against murder and theft, are subjective apart from God as an absolute reference point. As regards to a moral order, religion is the only thing NOT subjective. The real question then is whether or not one actually believes that their religion is the truth.

But as for your anecdotal story, it is one example and there is no reason to give it anymore weight than the anecdotal story from this case....

...the first few heart-wrenching sentences of which I will quote here...

"A 5-year-old Los Angeles boy is fighting for his life after police say he was severely tortured with burns and food deprivation by his lesbian mother and her live-in girlfriend.

Officials say the child has countless cigarette burns all over his body, including his genitals, and can't open his hands because he was forced to put them flat on a hot stove.

The boy was also repeatedly beaten and forced to sit in his own urine, police said.

"In my time in policing in 27 years, I have never seen anybody with these kinds of injuries that has lived," Los Angeles Police Department First Assistant Chief James McDonnell said. "And this kid must have a tremendous will to live to be able to still hang on despite what he's been through."


Now you asked where the proof was, so that instead of trading anecdotes we might have something else to go on. Nature itself provides the proof that children are supposed to be raised by a mother and a father, therefore it does not matter whether one believes that we were designed by God to be raised in natural families or whether we believe that we evolved over billions of years into creatures who are optimally prepared by being raised in such families.

Again, we can no longer trust researches to share an un-PC result with us. Most studies of homosexual parenting focused on lesbians, who presumably are still female in their natures enough to be better at parenting young children that two males. Those studies also tend to compare single heterosexual females raising children to single homosexual females raising children. In other words, two forms of dysfunction are compared so that it is not surprising when they both come off looking about the same.

Even then, the research has been slanted to not measure the increase in gender confusion, promiscuity, and other issues when children are raised by two lesbians. One study by pro-homosexual researchers that did at least face up to this is here...

Take courage to believe, and act, for His sake and the sake of the little ones who believe in Him.

7:26 PM, July 31, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:39 AM, August 01, 2008  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well dear who ever i believe that dhs thinks they have any big say in who a child should be raised by when they are frads and do not care anything about how that child will honestly be brought up. weither the mother is a drop out or poor or does not have that honest up standing childs father beside her in his child during those 18 years. they choose to pass judgement on that good, loving, birth mother ....but they dont instead they yank a child or childs ..ding ding ding mo money in place it in a fag home ,even worse a child trafficing ring or whatever you choose to call they so call pretend caring, lying adoptive parents.. from a mother thats missing her babys !! i will not talk to dhs , ask them for help but know not just dhs but adoption agencys like abba adoptions in little rock arkansas will be put thew a ring of fire in court from this mom . oh last but not least the fags or lesbians thats adopted my 2 child will be too!!!

9:09 AM, June 05, 2010  

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