Monday, July 07, 2008

FISA Bill Up Tomorrow

"Ordinary citizens who want to live in a democracy — including those with nothing to hide — should be concerned about the ability of the government to use private, sensitive personal information to blackmail, manipulate, and intimidate their representatives, journalists and their sources, potential whistleblowers, and activists or dissenters of any sort."

Tomorrow the Senate votes on the FISA bill. This bill would allow the executive branch to gather records on American citizens without court oversight in violation of the Constitution. It would also change the rules to put the pressure on your phone company and internet service provider to spy on you on behalf of the government by granting them immunity, even retroactive immunity, for all violations of your privacy rights committed under the auspecies of this act.

Please call your senators and ask them to vote AGAINST this bill and AGAINST cloture. Some senators concerned about privacy rights may attempt a filibuster.

An interesting side note to this sad chapter is the performance of Senator Barak Obama. All during the campaign he claimed he was AGAINST FISA and for protecting us from unwarranted government surveillance. Now that it is showtime he says that he will now vote for cloture, sabotaging the people trying to stop the bill's passage. Hey, he says he is for "CHANGE", so surprise Obama supporters, he just CHANGED his position! Talk about the audacity of hope, or maybe just plain audacity. The man is a creation of the corporate media, and as such there is zero probability, ZERO, that he is not in the tank for statist/globalist interests, same as Bush.


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