Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Don't Trust the Corporate Media Part 2,543

The Senate has passed a wiretap bill allowing the government blanket access to your private phone and internet records without a warrant, in violation of the Constitution. Each Senator and Congressman who voted for this bill has broken their oath of office.

They know they can get away with it because the major media is controlled by the same big corporations that want the bill passed. The bill contained retroactive, blanket immunity for all crimes committed by telecom and internet service providers when they rolled over for the government and let them vacuum up your records. GE owns NBC, and Microsoft partners with NBC to form MSNBC. Both Microsoft and GE are tied in with telecom and internet firms. They are all interconnected and the well-being of one helps them all. It is not surprising then that Microsoft and GE would favor the passage of the bill that let's their customers, and perhaps even them, off the hook. MSNBC reports the bill as one that "grants immunity to telecommunications companies that helped the U.S. spy on Americans in suspected terrorism cases."

That may lead you to believe that they only collected the records of Americans who were communicating with terrorist suspects. Not true. They were WIRETAPPING those people, but they were collecting records on just about all of us. And even with the wiretapping, I remind you that all it takes to be a "suspected terrorist" under the grossly mis-named "Patriot Act" is for the unchecked Executive branch of the government to declare that they suspect you of being a terrorist.

The Muslim crazies killed each other for 1,000 years before we got in the middle of them. Were we not in the middle of them, likely they would go back to doing what they were doing for the last 1,000 years. What the government is doing with using terrorism as an excuse to void civil rights (which are really protections FROM government) is akin to a controlling father meddling in a hornets nest until the children get stung, and then using that as an excuse to restrict the children's activities.


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