Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fayetteville City Council Votes Against Coal for State?

Thanks to eLWood for pointing us to this picture of the huge hole in the middle of downtown Fayetteville. The incompetent amateurs who are running the city government failed to insist that the developer they gave this project to was committed and bonded to finish it. When the real estate market worsened he walked away after leaving this giant and unsafe eyesore right off the town square. Getting the guarantee up front is part of "good local government 101".

Regardless of their demonstrated incompetence in performing their local duties, the Fayetteville City Council has decided to expand their reach by issuing proclamations that they would apply to the entire state. They voted 7-1 to issue a statement saying that they were opposed to coal-fired electric plants in Arkansas. Not just Fayetteville mind you, but the entire state. Councilman Ferrell was the lone voice of reason. Not co-incidentally, he was the only one to oppose a giant fee hike for water hook-ups.

The Dustin Tracy article documents how Ferrell attempted to use facts, logic, evidence, and reason to sway the other board members against telling the rest of the state how they should generate their electricity, but those tools did not seem to leave a trace on the hardened brain-cases of the leftists on the council. When he suggested taking a tour of the local coal-fired plant before they voted on the proposal to examine for themselves the new cleaner coal burning technology, one of the members spoke for the rest when they said that they did not need the tour. Sure, you don't know what you are doing as concerns your actual duties, so why bother knowing what you are babbling about on things that are not your business!

Most Arkansans do not have an extra 30% to pay for electric bills. We need the most efficient method possible, and right now that is coal. Don't concern yourself about global warming. Despite the media hype, average global temperatures have not increased since 1998 and the Sun is headed toward a decades-long quiet phase.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SWEPCO should give them what they want. They should only deliver non-coal generated electricity to Fayetteville and charge them accordingly. Once the price change has taken place, then they should petition the Fayetteville City council if they would also like to have Nuclear generated electricity terminated as well.

Isn't that only fair?

3:12 PM, December 17, 2008  

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