Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Keep Your Enemies Closer: Corporate Media Gives Paul Air Time

After ignoring Ron Paul as long as they could when he had a chance to win the Republican nomination, the corporate media is suddenly giving Ron Paul lots of face time. He has been on MSNBC and CNN repeatedly.

Why, after a near total blackout of coverage, are they seeking Paul out for interviews? Is it that he proved to be right in his predictions of a looming financial crisis? Is it conscience? Is it ratings?

I believe two factors are in play here. One is that they were losing credibility with the more aware members of the public with their extreme efforts to keep Paul off the air. This is an attempt to get some of that credibility back and assure that group that the media is fair after all- at least once the elections are over and it no longer matters.

The other factor is that the Ron Paul supporters put together a very effective communications network centered on internet distribution of content. If you think about it, this is just what the corporate media does- they run a communications network. A continued blackout of Paul might induce him to do what he ought to do- continue to develop a communications network to end-run the ones controlled by global corporations. If they give him plenty of face time now, it might lure him to think that there is less need for such an alternative. He would then blow his millions on other things.

Don't take the bait Doctor. Take their coverage, but build the alternative anyway. The nation needs it.


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