Monday, January 05, 2009

Oklahoma's Edmonson Prosecutes Petitioners

Why does Oklahoma AG Edmondson want to send this man to prison for ten years?
Here in Arkansas we are very familiar with Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson. He is suing Arkansas on the basis that our industries dump water in our rivers that lead to Oklahoma, which causes the water to not meet THEIR standards of quality (not ours). Because I like clean water, and I think people should clean up their own mess, I was willing to give Edmondson the benefit of a doubt for quite a while. I am being inched toward the position that he is doing it as part of a financial shake-down rather than true environmental concerns, and his actions in the Jacobs case only serve to further cast him in a negative light.

Here is the story from Jacob's perspective via this link...
"A leader in the fight to bring government back in the hands of the people on every level, Paul Jacob is being prosecuted on political grounds by the Attorney General of Oklahoma, Drew Edmondson.

Paul's "crime?" Working with Oklahomans in Action and a professional signature gathering firm that hired people, who moved to Oklahoma and became legal residents so that they could abide by a state statute requiring their residency.

Despite the fact that the Oklahoma statute requiring signature gatherers to be state residents violates US Supreme Court rulings--in Meyer v. Grant, for example, the court ruled that a government cannot “reduce the available pool” of people to assist citizens in communicating with their fellow citizens and petitioning their government--Paul and his colleagues followed the law as explained to them by state officials.

Now, because signature gatherers later planned to move out of Oklahoma, Jacob is being prosecuted...and politically persecuted by an attorney general who seeks to quash the citizens' involvement in government.

And the icing on the cake is that AG Edmondson wants to put Paul in jail for up to 10 years!

Help us to help Paul and stand up for our constitutional right to petition our government! Help us reach 100,000 strong for Paul Jacob and the constitutional rights! "


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