Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hurray for Three Arkansas Democrats: Sen. Taylor, Reps. Adcock and Flowers

We don't get to say Hurray for Democrats too often, but this is one time we can.

The two following Democrat Representatives were the only two Democrats who voted against Governor Beebe's Cigarette Tax which passsed by one vote but still has to be voted on in the Senate.

Rep. Pam Adcock Dist.35 6205 Hinkson Little Rock AR 72209 Bus. 501-568-3398
Rep. Stephanie Flowers, Dist. 17 104 Main Street Suite C Pine Bluff AR 71601 Ph: 870-535-1032 Fx: 870-535-1032

They are the only two Democrats who broke with their Governor and Party on the cigarette tax which passed by only one vote. So all the Democrats and all the Republicans who voted for the bill will know that each of them could have defeated this bill - a bill that in all likelihood will fund abortions in the near future when Governor Beebe gets matching funds thrugh Medicaid, and Obama and the Democrats push through the the Freedom of Choice Act. And I know there are many, many Democrats who oppose abortion.

Then Senator Jerry Taylor, as reported in the newspapers, said he intends to vote against Beebe's tobacco tax increase when it comes before the Senate. In the 35-member Senate, the number of favorable votes the bill needs to pass is 27. A special thanks to Senator Jerry Taylor who too has given us many good votes in the past. There are seven Republicans in the Senate. If we could get one more Democrat and keep all Republican votes, the cigarette tax could be defeated in the Senate.

Go to this page to see a list of legislators in alphabetical order by Senate and House that is easy to use to contact legislators in your district or the Republican legislators to ask them to stand together against this bill. The legislators are labeled as Democrats or Republicans on this list and phone number and emails are on it as well.

The Republicans who took a stand against the Governor's cigarette bill talked abut the "waterboarding" they went through at the hands of the Democrtic leaders. Wonder how much "waterboarding" these Democrats who broke with the party will go through. Maybe they need a thank you from us to balance the heat they may get.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One Republican won't stand firm. Cecil Bledsoe of Rogers has said she will vote for the tax.

5:55 PM, February 07, 2009  
Anonymous Chuck said...

Ragland, Green, & Sample's votes are understandable: they were appointed cttee. chairmen by the speaker, and Pyle is a vice-chair. I don't know Dale & Summers' motivation(s) for their "Y" votes. Summers, being from Bentonville, may end up paying the highest price for pushing his green button.

Sen. Jerry Taylor often breaks ranks with his fellow Dems and votes his conscience. If he's saying he's a "No", he will keep his word.

Government continues to grow and grow like kudzu and it won't be stopped without a revolution of some sort. From 2000-2006 (with an R Gov), Arkansas had the 9th highest increase in per capita state and local expenditures. This rate of spending, which is faster than Arkansas taxpayers are earning it, cannot be sustained much longer. The only redeeming things are Revenue Stabilization and that the Senate passed a 1-cent reduction in the grocery tax.

Gov. Huck left office in 2006 with close to a billion (yes, with a "b") dollar surplus (the rate of per capita state and local expenditures cited above notwithstanding) and yet, here the Dems in the ledge are, once again, sticking it to the little guy, even if the little guy in this case is a smoker. Joe Bates' effort(s) against Mark Martin's unpasteurized milk bill perhaps would be better directed against smoking, so that the cigarette tax proposal would generate insufficient money to fund the trauma center(s), and Ed Garner's bill would be considered a viable alternative. Naturally, however, logic and common sense will be ignored. It was Lawrence Peter who said: "Against logic, there is no armor like ignorance."

8:41 PM, February 07, 2009  

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