Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ross Has His Price. Will Vote for Socialized Medicine

Scuttlebutt is that Mike Ross has been bought off. He is now simply playing a game to make folks think that a compromise has been made. In reality we are going to get the same ObamaCare socialized medicine as always with only a few inconsequential concessions to let Mike Ross save face. Don't get sucked into the press hype.

Ross and the Blue Dogs are likely only waiting until they are convinced that the Senate will pass some version of the bill before they come over. On the Cap and Trade bill, many were angered that they were leaned on to vote for a tax increase that had no chance of passing the Senate. They do not want to risk angering the folks back home again for a bill that won't pass anyway.

The evidence seems to confirm it. IMMEDIATELY and I do mean IMMEDIATELY after getting out of the meeting with the POTUS Barak Obama (several days ago) ... Mike Ross' press office announced about $81 million dollars in PORK. Look at these press releases:












The transaction appears to have been made. Ross will get the pork ladled to his district and be heralded as a "hero" for insisting on a "fiscally responsible" plan to further socialize medical care at the same time. It looks from this angle like he made a deal for cash and is only waiting until Obama can pay off key members of the Senate to announce that "we now have a deal I can vote for".

It turns out that three of the top five donors to Ross are health care interests. He gets to pose as hero while getting money from both ends of the system- campaign contributions from big business and pork for his district from government.


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