Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Why Wal-Mart Came Out For Government Health Care

Thomas Jefferson once said that the merchant has no country, that their loyalty is not so much to the ground on which their feet are standing as it is to their means of gain. Artificial legal persons, AKA "corporations", don't even have literal feet to place on the soil of a nation. Whatever the marketing hype, it is unrealistic and unwise to expect a corporation to stand up for the interests of a nation over and above their own interests.

Many people have expressed surprise that Wal-Mart has come out in support of government health care. I for one am not and I would like to explain why. Global corporations with significant assets in the United States of America (the term "American Corporations" is an inaccurate for such entities for the reason noted above) would love to off-load their health care costs unto the backs of American taxpayers. They would love to be able to cut back on the HR department staff that messes with health insurance. And they would love to be able to reduce compensation to their employees. That is why they have joined with socialists in our government to push for a further government takeover of health care.

Right now, if your company offers you health insurance they are paying for at least half of it, at least for the employee themselves. They also have costs associated with support staff for the paperwork involved. What if all that went away because "the government" was now providing health care? Would they take all of that money that they were using to pay for your health care and turn it into a huge wage or salary increase for you, or will they simply eliminate the benefit and pocket the money? You already know they will pocket every penny the can. This is nothing more than a back-door wage cut.

They want the costs to be born by forcing healthy people to buy insurance they don't need (under threat of a fine) and by making slaves of people in the medical profession by dictating what their compensation will be rather than letting the market decide. That latter move will insure a massive shortage of health care availability in years to come, but our crazed corporate and political rulers seem unable to see beyond the next election cycle/annual report to stockholders.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Walmart executives are failing to recognize is that while cooperating with socialist policies in a fascist way may be profitable in the short term, the empowerment of the system that grants them the temporary profits becomes uncontrollable and will ultimately cost them in the long run.

The Walmart Board of Directors has succumbed in a way that many U.S. corporations have. They are putting the potential for short term profits and stock appreciation ahead of long term survival and profitability.

12:37 PM, July 09, 2009  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Corporations can't see past the next earnings report and politicians can't see past the next election. These practices are ruinous.

8:03 PM, July 12, 2009  

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