Saturday, August 15, 2009

Senators Cleared on Country Wide Loans

Senate Ethics Panel Say Fellow Senators have done no wrong!

On reason the mortgage situation in this country got so out of hand is that lenders like Country Wide gave special loans to key members of Congress. The Senate "ethics" panel has cleared the Senators who took some of these sweetheart deal loans, even though at least one witness before the committee testified that they knew they were getting special treatment. Their "exhaustive investigation" did NOT include the Senators under investigation actually having to answer any questions before the committee.
The Wall Street Journal has the sordid details.

My prescription for this malady? Tea.


Anonymous Cynic said...

The ethics ruling notwithstanding, Chris Dodd should be impeached and tarred & feathered (too bad people don't do that anymore). Not only did he get FOA special treatment, he lied about it, and then when caught, changed his story once again. I hope Dodd's re-election bid goes down in glorious flames and we never see the likes of this scoundrel again. The only thing these rats understand is getting trounced at the ballot box, ala Tom Daschle.

1:43 PM, August 16, 2009  

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