Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An ACORN is a Nut, and Possibly a Pimp

Biggovernment.com has done a shocking expouse' on ACORN. Undercover audio and video files from several cities show ACORN workers attempting to help people they believe are trying to operate a brothel for underage girls get a house from which to conduct this business.

ACORN has, if you will pardon the expression, Arkansas roots. There was a lot of talk a few years back about some money vanishing. Nothing much came of it. This time, they are caught red-handed, and not just in one location but in several locations, indicating a pattern of vile behavior rather than a bad apple in the ACORN barrel, if I may be permitted to use so many agricultural analogies.

The Census bureau has quietly terminated their relationship with ACORN, and Senate just voted to deny them the Community Housing grants that they were operating under when attempting to help those they thought were exploiting underage girls by using them as prostitutes. Still, ACORN is a grant-getting machine. This outfit of "community organizers" still gets millions of taxpayer dollars.


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