Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dodd "Now We Can Act Like Senators"

What does it mean to act like a Senator?


Senator Chris Dodd, (D) Connecticut, was recently quoted as saying that now that the August heat is behind us, they "could act like Senators again". Just what does Dodd mean by that? As near as I can tell it means that he thinks they should behave like arrogant jackasses and saddle the American people with a socialized medicine program that we don't want and can't afford. It means that they should vote against the wishes of the common citizen and in the interests of their insider buddies, just like with the bailout. It means that they can get away from those nasty voters back "home" and go to their real home- the beltway where their egos can be stroked from lobbiests seeking favors from the public treasury.

My take is that Dodd thinks acting "like a Senator" means betraying the people you were elected to represent and doing whatever you and your "friends" want to do even if We the People oppose it.

Acting like a senator should mean acting with wisdom, temperance, and dignity. For Dodd, it just means acting like an arrogant jerk who is no longer willing to listen to anybody.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey . . . we're supposed to be respectful of the deceased. Why did you put this picture of Ted Kennedy on here?

6:30 PM, September 03, 2009  
Anonymous hallie42 said...

Love the picture, which is worth a thousand words to say the least.

Sen. Dodd just really confirms my belief that we urgently need term limits. If we had them, Sen. Kennedy would have been long gone, and so would Sen. Byrd.

4:12 PM, September 04, 2009  

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