Sunday, November 01, 2009

Have Some "Transitional" Dinosaurs Just Gone Away?

Ooops. These three pictures represent what were once classified as three species of closely related dinosaurs. It now turns out that they are all the same type of beast at various stages of maturity. Drawings from Holly Woodard at Montana State.

I know that some readers of this space are probably here for the political writing and are tempted to skip by this creation vs. macroevolution stuff. It is kind of like conservatives who still have faith in the Republican party and who get upset with me for some of my writing about their latest lame-brain move. If they want me to quit writing about it, convince the RNC to stop making lame-brained moves. Same thing here, if you are tired of hearing about the evos latest lame-brained moves, ask them to quit making them! I am only the messenger, they are the idiots here, not me.

At any rate, this story demonstrates that scientists are humans too. When they discover a fossil, they want it to be of a new species that they get to name rather than yet another example of an existing species. It shows how wrong ideas can get lots of momentum as nobody wants to challenge a game where they can all be winners.

Up to one third of dinosaur species may go away now that they realize that they were simply juvenile forms of known types. It is likely that many "transitional" forms were simply intermediate growth stages of the same critter. Every few years, evos come to us with yet another discovery showing how "everything you thought you knew is wrong". That becomes the new dogma until the next "everything you thought you knew is wrong" event. In between events, they hurl ugly insults at people who don't buy into the latest "what we all know is true" about evolution.


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