Friday, November 20, 2009

Lincoln One of Two Critical Votes on Health Care Bill

It appears that Blanche Lincoln is one of two Senators who are most critical for the Health Care bill to pass. The bottom line is, it takes 60 votes to agree to begin debate on a bill, and 60 to end debate. If Lincoln votes for debate, it is the same as agreeing to the bill, no matter what she says. The reason is simple- the votes are already counted. The so-called debate is not going to change anyone's vote. The high-sounding rhetoric Lincoln will spew (when she votes to let the "debate" go forward) is pure disinformation. A vote to debate this bill is a vote for the bill, because the "debate" part is a sham.

In fact, the Tolbert Report has a story where Sen. Durbin hinted that he already knew how Lincoln would vote, even though she won't tell the people of Arkansas.


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