Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Vote for Return to Paper Ballots

A example of a paper ballot which uses the superior instant runoff voting system.
There is a shocking subplot to the NY-23 special election. Here is an excerpt from the article....

" Because, as we learned yesterday, at least some of the certified electronic voting machines in the NY-23 congressional special election were discovered to be running malicious code (a virus) in the week prior to voting. We now hear word that election officials, According to the report, election officials, after cleaning only the identified machines, took no further action to re-certify other voting machines in the district.

Although the technical nature of such a virus is interesting; it is difficult to adequately explain in article format. For the technical minded, the programming technique (called return-oriented programming) utilized is described here; while the application of this technique is described here (h/t Scope).

For the layman, I’ll simply list a few facts regarding the virus:

1. The virus could only have been implanted after the voting machine was installed into the polling centers and the machines turned on at least once.

2. The virus was implanted by an operative with direct, physical access to the voting machines.

3. The virus is eliminated only when power is completely removed, and not necessarily when the machine is “turned off”. "


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take it NY-23 did NOT use instant run-off voting?

7:03 AM, November 24, 2009  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Correct. I should add that IRV would take care of problems like a candidate dropping out of the race or dying after an early vote has been cast or mailed in.

7:29 AM, November 25, 2009  

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