Friday, December 11, 2009

Sanders Rates 'Em, Brummett Hates 'Em

Sanders says in column that beef's day is past, the future is chicken.

Ok, so actually that is not the Sanders I am talking about. I am talking about the way David Sanders rated the Senate candidates in his column on Dec. 10th and then announced that he was going to work for one of them on December 11th! Did I mention that he made very favorable mention of the fellow who hired him and spoke unwell of others? The whole tone of the column was that the existing candidates were inadequate and the people needed someone of more stature to come in and make a splash (while at the same time disparaging the obvious choice for such a task, Jim Holt).

Were I a gambling man, I'd offer to bet him our first pay-check in June that his guy will be out of the Senate race, but then David might not have a pay check at that time. Heck, in this economy, I might not either and I have a real job.

As an example of the kind of disclaimer that Sanders should have made in his column but didn't, I once worked for Jim Holt. Unlike Sanders when he wrote his column, I am not now being paid nor seeking a paid position from Holt or any Senate candidate.


Let me also mention that John Brummett's column on the same event (the straw poll) was up to his usual standards. In other words, full of absurd contentions. One was that he took issue with Ed Bethune's assertion that President* Obama was a socialist. If a consistent policy of attempting a government takeover of one sector of the economy after another isn't socialist then the word has lost all meaning. There is more doubt about whether or not Obama is actually eligible to be President than there is doubt about whether or not his policies are socialist. Of course they are.

It barely rates mentioning that Brummett is wrong when he attempts to label both Gilbert Baker and Jim Holt as "extreme conservatives". Maybe "extremely conservative relative to the "hyper-extremely delusional liberal" newsroom at The Morning News, but not relative to voters in Arkansas. Brummett fails to name even a single issue on which either of them is "extreme". I mean, Holt was the top Republican vote getter in this state for two of the last three election cycles. How outside the mainstream can his views be? Until Brummett runs and we find out what percentage of the vote he is able to garner, Brummett is not the one who gets to determine who is "extreme" and who isn't.

*status unconfirmed


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