Friday, January 22, 2010

Courts Undo Some McCain-Feingold

The two main provisions the courts ruled unconstitutional were the ban against candidate criticism in the days leading up to an election and a ban on corporate contributions.

McCain-Feingold was unconstitutional, so much so that apparently even a federal judge could see it. What amazes me is that John McCain couldn't, and that he still won the Republican nomination for President after co-sponsoring it.

It is the ban before the election that I object to. In principle I support a ban on corporate contributions to political campaigns. Corporations are not real persons, and they don't have natural, that is God-given, rights the way actual persons have. In spite of this, the way things are done now such giant artificial persons have more access to our political system than real persons do. Many of these corporations are global entities. They have no special loyalty to this country, yet they have inordinate influence in the political process.

Contributions to politicians and causes should come from real persons only IMHO.


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