Friday, January 01, 2010

Marc Rosson Event in Logan County (4th District)

Got this from the Marc Rosson campaign. Looks like he is going to do the formal announcement thing...

"On Saturday January 09, the Official 2010 Campaign Kickoff for Marc Rosson, candidate for Arkansas' 4th District Congressional seat will be held at Six Mile Complex, located approximately 8 miles west of Paris on Highway 22. The event will be held from 1-3 p.m. Marc will be running on the Republican ticket as the conservative candidate. His opponent is incumbent Democrat Mike Ross.

Marc is a Christian and a proud American with values that are consistent with this area and Arkansas. Marc hopes that anyone who is concerned about today's political atmosphere and the future of not only Arkansas, but America, will come out and meet him and talk with him about their concerns for the future of our country. There are 29 counties included in the 4th district and with it being such a rural area it is hard to knock on every door of every county, so please come out and meet Marc and let him tell you why he thinks he should be our next U. S. Congressman from the 4th District.

Marc is not a career politician and is willing to listen and try to bring the 4th District Congressional seat back to the people. Come out and hear for yourselves. Help Marc put the people back in government and let Washington hear your voice by using your vote.

For more information about Marc Rosson please go to"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right about one thing. He is not a career politician. However, has he ever had a career at anything?

7:10 PM, January 07, 2010  
Anonymous country girl said...

How did the event in Logan County go on Saturday? Unfortunately, I was unable to attend.

4:42 PM, January 14, 2010  
Anonymous country girl said...

Is Marc Rosson still in the race? Haven't seen much information on him as of late.

5:00 AM, January 28, 2010  

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