Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Victory and Illegal Immigration

One under-reported aspect of the Scott Brown victory was that he campaigned hard against illegal immigration. The voters knew it, but the nation mostly does not. Americans for Legal Immigration endorsed Brown "due to his focus on the issue of illegal immigration..."

Even in Massachusetts, in these hard times working people don't like losing their jobs and getting their wages undermined by illegal aliens. And its a good bet that a lot of the illegal aliens in that state are of European origin.

This is a crossover-vote getting issue. Now, will Brown stick to his campaign promises on the issue? I don't know. I can't trust any politician who is "pro-choice" very far. If they are willing to trade the rights of the unborn away they will be willing to trade your rights away too when they can get away with it. The pro-life ones you can trust are the ones that mean it, that is to say about half of them!


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