Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John Boozman No Shoo-In for US Senate

"Rep. Boozman tops list of well-traveled in state delegation
Republican visited 14 nations in 2009"

Above Headline in Arkansas Democrat Gazette March 15

The media has already started, as I presumed they would, their drum beat on Republican Congressman John Boozman. I knew they would pick out every item they could find in his record and actions and publish it over and over. And as we seem to find in most instances, even with the Republicans, there are a number of areas that inflame conservatives when they discover the truth about the actions and votes of their representatives in Congress. Discovering the truth hurts conservative legislators so much because conservatives really care about ethics, honesty, wasteful spending, and freedom and hold their representative accountable. On the other hand, many Democrats dismiss almost anything as long as their Democratic legislators will push through their agenda for them and will keep doling out their benefits to them.

The conservative and liberal blogs have picked up this Boozman story with more derogatory language than the article in the paper with topics like this: " Boozman on the teat" and including such remarks as, " Globe-trotting U.S. Rep. John Boozman can find a way for taxpayers to send him and his wife to Germany with $900-a-day unitemized pocket money," A conservative blog reports, "Lincoln actually looks less corrupt than Boozman when one looks at issues like lavish spending on junkets. 'Boozman travels the globe at your expense while Arkansans are hurting.' How's that gonna resonate with the swing voters?"

And since Boozman is a Republican, this news story and other things the media bring to light just won't go away. Every aspect of his career and personal life will be inspected and broadcast throughout the papers and blogs again and again in the state. Watch for the media getting around to Boozman's long list of earmarks soon. And unfortunately on the state level, we have little or no conservative media, like Fox at the national level, to give the other side of the story.

As most of you know, I am not supporting Boozman in this race, and I do believe people have the right to know the truth about our candidates. But it really provokes me when I see the games the Democrats and media play in trying to destroy anyone who has the least bit of conservative bent and influence. We should all be on the watch for their tactics and not be sucked into their trap of seeing only one side. There are far, far more negative things that the Democrat Congressmen have done than what Boozman has done; and we need to keep focused on those things even when we are deeply disappointed in our conservative leaders.

I think this issue should be a lesson for all those who are supporting Boozman or another candidate because they think he has the best chance of winning. Since Boozman has a nine year record in Washington D.C., there will be a lot more to scrutinize than with the other Republican candidates running for US. Senate. Many conservatives are very angry with Boozman because he voted for the TARP bailout, the socialistic prescription drug plan, and supports No Child Left Behind (NCLB) that gives government control over all our schools.

The Rasmussen poll is also another indicator that Boozman could be one of the easiest candidates for the Democrats to beat in the US Senate race. A recent Rasmussen survey finds that 63% of likely voters believe, generally speaking, that it would be better for the country if most incumbents in Congress were defeated this November. In another recent Rasmussen poll, seventy-four percent (74%) of Republican voters say their party's representatives in Congress have lost touch with GOP voters nationwide over the past several years.

Isn't it time that conservatives begin to vote for the person they know will vote their values, be that Boozman or another candidate, rather than the candidate who they think has the best chance of winning or who can raise the most money? In the long run that may be the very best way of winning the battle in this 2010 campaign; and if not the battle, it is surely the way to win the war. Even if we should win the battle in 2010 by supporting a less conservative candidate, we will lose the war, just as we have been losing the war ever since Reagan's presidency. If we don't get truly conservative candidates in Congress this year that we know will stand and take the heat, we may not ever have another chance to turn our country back to freedom and conservative principles.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paid junkets are part of Boozman's record. He claims to be a conservative, yet he spends more taxpayer dollars on unnecessary travel-- including generous amounts of unitemized pocket money-- than any "liberal" in the Arkansas delegation.

It's all a reflection of his fast-and-loose attitude with OPM and his belief that Big Government can solve our problems.

11:18 PM, March 17, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Junket John or Tarp Boozman. Lets have a poll.

or No Tarp Left Behind

8:40 AM, March 18, 2010  
Blogger PatriotGirl76 said...

Now I know where John has been everytime he has been invited to speak for us. He has been making it a habit of sending in his deceased brothers widow to talk in his place at forums and meet and greets. There are many groups that say the same thing. We were told he was in DC one time and that night on the news right before our spot was John here at the Veterans Hospital that afternoon. Our meeting was at night. If you want a candidate that will and is working for you than help me elect Curtis Coleman to Senate. And while your at it Please vote for Bernie Skoch for 3rd District congress. Despite what this blog says above. These candidates need your financial aid so they can make TV commericals to compete with The other ones.
For a Secure Arkansas Future

5:37 PM, March 23, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skoch the Washingtonian lobbyist and Curtis the preacher/philanderer. The Democrats would salivate at such a ticket, if it were even a remote possibility.

7:37 AM, March 24, 2010  
Blogger PatriotGirl76 said...

you definitely don't know Skoch or Coleman very well. Have you even bothered to hear them speak? or are you just a name basher?

10:19 AM, March 24, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard others speak who don't carry their baggage. Coleman- the "family values" preacher who splits up his church to have a fling with his secretary has waaaaay too much baggage, no matter how good his campaign trail rhetoric might sound. Maybe you've not been around here long, but this state tossed out the only Republican US Senator we've ever had over a similar occurrence.

As for Bernie the lobbyist, he's a total wildcard who hasn't seen a gimmick he won't promote if he thinks it will help him get elected. Plus, people around these parts don't trust mormons- particularly one whose wife runs the local mormon propaganda store. We Arkansans have this thing about mormons, seeing as how they once butchered over a hundred of our unarmed kinfolk.

Neither one stands a chance, but you're still free to waste your time. Obama hasn't banned that practice yet.

12:21 PM, March 24, 2010  
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