Sunday, March 28, 2010

Message from CP: Plug Your Ears to Siren Song

By Mike Simmons
Franklin County Chairman
Constitution Party of Missouri

As the mythical character Odysseus passed by the island known to be inhabited by the Sirens he ordered his men to plug their ears with wax. Odysseus knew that if his sailors heard the beautiful Sirens’ call they would be lured to their deaths.
How fitting is that just last week the Republican National Committee met on a similar island in Hawaii and spoke of wooing and luring the votes of the tea party movement and patriot uprising?

The Constitution Party is putting out a call to all tea parties, patriots and America loving citizens to plug your ears! Do not be lured in by the Republican Party’s call for it will surely lead to the death of our country. Ignore the sweet sounding melody of moving back to the right and promises that if given just one more chance they will get it right.

Tea parties and patriot uprisings peppered the calendars last year and filled our nation’s capital on September 12, 2009, but just a few months later the GOP is delighted to have won the Ted Kennedy seat in Massachusetts despite the fact that they filled it with a pro-choice moderate who has admitted that he would support nationalized health care in a different form. The citizens of Massachusetts could not avoid the Sirens’ call.

A few months earlier in the NY 23 election the GOP chose to offer us Dede Scozzafava as their candidate and fought tooth and nail to stop the more conservative and better candidate Doug Hoffman from winning. It is clear that the GOP is more concerned with filling seats with warm bodies not quality constitutionalists. Why else would they refuse to consider requiring a “purity-test” for candidates in last weeks meeting?

The Republicans might have a conservative platform but what’s the point? They have clearly shown the propensity to ignore it and have yet to hold any of their leaders accountable to it. How have Olympia Snow and Arlen Specter been working out for the past few decades? Where was the accountability to the platform? When Bush and the GOP voted for “No Child Left Behind” the only thing that was left behind was their accountability to the platform.

I am asking and calling for all tea party patriots to ignore the call of the GOP and focus your efforts into a party that will hold candidates accountable. Not only do we have candidate accountability as a plank in our platform we actually deny candidates that do not support the platform. When you go to the polling booth and vote for a Constitution Party candidate you can rest assured that you will know exactly where he/she stands on the issues and that we will hold their feet to the fire.


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