Friday, April 30, 2010

State GOP Chairman Doyle Webb Calls for 3rd Party Candidate to Run Agianst McDaniel

According to a tweet (about 2:30PM on April 30th) by the esteemed blogger Jason Tolbert, the chairman of the state Republican Party has called on a third party to get on the ballot and run somebody against Democrat Attorney General Dustin McDaniel. Webb was on the Dave Elswick show at about that time, so I would guess that this is where he made the comment.

The Republicans failed to find an opponent for McDaniel, and it is too late for an independent to seek ballot access for the post. Unless a new party qualifies for the ballot, McDaniel will get off unchallenged. As it turns out, the Constitution Party of Arkansas has a petition drive underway from now until July 5th. You can download a petition yourself and help them out right here. After all, if the state chairman of the GOP says this is what ought to be done, it must be OK for Republicans to sign, and even gather signatures for, these petitions.

Constitution Party of Arkansas Chairman Tom Mayfield has said that the party does not intend to field candidates for federal offices. The state Republican party has fielded plenty of (some would say too many) candidates for those positions.


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