Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baker & Boozman Disagree - Holt and Conservatives Agree

(Baker, Boozman, and Holt Are all Candidates for AR US Senate - Senator Lincoln's Seat)

In a Democrat Gazette article Baker is quoted as saying that Boozman shouldn't have voted for the TARP Bailout bill in Congress. Boozman is quoted as saying that Baker should not have voted for a package of taxes to increase funding for schools by about $400 million a year that included a seven-eighth percent increase in the sales tax and put 15 services under the sales tax.

[$400 million a year since 2003 is $2.8 billion taxpayers have paid in taxes since that vote on that one bill – while there has been no significant improvement in ACT Tests, nationally normed tests, remediation rates or the NAEP test – known as the national report card – and this is by no means the only increase in education funding. The spending on facilities (Act 90 that Baker also voted for) has also been over a billion dollars. $2.5 billion was the minimum amount recommended by the Committee overseeing funding for the facilities.]

Conservatives and Jim Holt agree with Boozman and Baker. Holt voted against this increase in taxes and against the Facilities bill.

"Boozman said his complaint is that Baker is telling people he won’t vote for tax increases, despite doing so in the Legislature."

"If Baker felt pressure from the state Supreme Court to raise taxes for schools, Boozman said, 'You can imagine the pressure under these swelling [national] deficits to raise taxes. As [former Arkansas football] Coach [Frank] Broyles used to say, past performance is indicative of future performance.'”

"Well said," Jim Holt and other conservatives agree.

"In recent weeks, Baker has also criticized Boozman for his use of the congressional earmark process, whereby congressmen can get projects funded in their districts. Some have pointed to earmarks as contributing to the deficit.

"Last week, Boozman called Baker 'very aggressive in use of earmarks' in the state Legislature."

"As co-chairman of the Joint Budget Committee in the Legislature, Baker has supported bills allowing senators to equally divvy up General Improvement Fund dollars for their preferred projects. Baker has said he’s dedicated his state General Improvement Fund dollars to the University of Central Arkansas, which he describes as a legitimate expenditure."

["In 2009, Baker helped steer $10 million from the General Improvement Fund for the Highway Commission to use for a planned interchange in Conway," according to the Democrat Gazette article. Baker lives in Conway.]

Conservatives and Jim Holt agree with Baker and Boozman's assessment of each other's spending. Jim Holt and conservatives are opposed to using earmarks for one's own career enhancement.

So why don't we vote for a real conservative with a record to prove it? We agree with Baker and Boozman in that neither of them should have voted for the government spending and earmarks. That is why we support former Senator Jim Holt. He actually did vote against every tax and spending during the six years he was in the legislature – even against his own pay raise – every time. And as Boozman is quoted as saying, " past performance is indicative of future performance." See voting records below.

Link to full Democrat Gazette article:

Links to Baker, Boozman, and Holt & Hendren voting records (these are the only four canidates for US Senate that have voting records:


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