Friday, May 14, 2010

National Organization weighs in on Jim Holt and the Senate Race

Article on Jim Holt and the Arkansas Senate race taken from a national organization website at this link:
The Patriot Post
Voice of Essential Liberty

Friday, May 14, 2010

Razorback Replay

Arkansas voters will cast primary ballots this coming Tuesday. At stake are the nominations for U.S. Senate. A recent Arkansas News Bureau/Stephens Media poll shows anti-incumbent fever is alive and well in Razorback country, but, in a replay of the Indiana primary two weeks ago, Republicans will choose among top-down establishment candidate John Boozman, establishment stalking horse Gilbert Baker, and dyed-in-the-wool conservative Jim Holt, along with various conservative small fries.

The poll shows Boozman with the lead, Holt comfortably in second place, Baker a distant third, 15 percent unde­cided, and the others in single digits. Unlike the Indiana primary, where 60 percent of Hoosier Republicans voted against plurality winner Dan Coats, if no one garners more than 50 percent in Arkansas, then a runoff will occur between the top two vote getters.

Holt’s record as a proven limited-government taxpayer advocate versus Boozman’s well-established vote for spending increases and earmarks should bode well in a runoff. With establishment Republican funding channeled to Boozman and Baker, Holt is an underdog in money and is reliant upon volunteers.

On the Leftist side, incumbent Blanche Lincoln is in the fight of her career against fellow Democrat Bill Halter. While Lincoln leads Halter, her pathetic poll showings in­dicate that Halter has a good chance at pulling off an upset.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Holt’s record as a proven limited-government taxpayer advocate versus Boozman’s well-established vote for spending increases and earmarks should bode well in a runoff."

Boozman's well-established vote for spending increases? When are you going to start citing this? I mean seriously, I'm voting for Holt based solely on the right to life issue, but c'mon - give me a legitimate reason why Boozman is "Blanche in a suit."

9:10 PM, May 14, 2010  
Blogger BessieJoy said...

Boozman voted for the bailout, raised the debt ceiling numerous times....

Have you looked at his Rep. website? Check out the appropriations!

7:37 PM, May 15, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then why does he regularly get high marks from lower-tax interest groups like the National Taxpayers Union?

8:26 AM, May 17, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because he does not vote for the taxes, just the spending?

Borrowing and spending is, if anything, more immoral than taxing and spending. The next generation gets the bill.

7:45 PM, May 17, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NTU calculates spending into the equation:

"NTU's federal budget experts assigned a weight to each vote ranging from 1 to 100. A low weight was assigned to votes that had relatively little effect on the size of the federal budget, while a high weight was assigned to votes with the most significant effect on federal spending.

Weights were based solely on the relative effect of each vote on the total amount of federal spending. Consideration was given to the political effect of a vote on the future federal spending, even though relatively little spending might be immediately at issue. A vote with average importance should have a weight close to 10.

Scores were computed by dividing the weighted total of votes cast against higher spending (or taxes or for lower spending or taxes), by the weighted total number of spending and tax issues on which the member of Congress voted. Average scores for each state were also computed using the weighted total of votes cast by each state delegation.

In computing these scores, we included only those votes on which the member actually voted for or against a bill, resolution, or amendment. Paired votes, announced positions, and absences were excluded. Because some members were absent frequently (or otherwise failed to vote yes or no), their scores, based on relatively few votes, may not accurately reflect spending attitudes. The members falling into this category are noted."

Boozman got a B+.

9:55 AM, May 18, 2010  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

voted for bailout, voted for prescription drug program (largest new entitlement since FDR at the time), votes for all military spending, votes for farm spending, raising the debt ceiling every time, voted for NCLB, federal takeover of public schools.

So what does it take to get a B- from the NTU?

Perhaps it is a frontgroup whose real goal is to not embarrass the GOP, sort of like Right to Life has become in many states.

10:29 AM, May 18, 2010  

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